Welp. It's been fun, guys

I adore this damn game. ADORE it. I played in CTT when Phoebe was facerolling people - you guys were really quick to address that. I also played in beta when Galilea was doing the same, and now that it’s launched, she’s…

STILL doing the same damn thing. She stuns, tanks, silences, pulls, reflects, basically disappears, does ridiculos damage and isn’t easy to kill alone - let alone with a pocket healer/shielder.

I’m around CR50, and while it’s been an amazing few days… the mantra seems to be “the team with gali wins.”

it shouldn’t be like that.

I know you guys are fixing Overgrowth. That’s cool, and I respect you for that. But until Galilea gets a nerf - preferably to a point where she becomes absolutely unrecognizable - I’m hanging up my eye patch and shield gauntlet. This game is fantastic, but not worth the frustration that comes with knowing very real balance issues aren’t being addressed.

And because I know there are certain folks around here who rage at the mention of a Gali nerf: please give me sauce that proves she’s as balanced as anyone else in the game. But I know you won’t. Because she’s not. She’s broken.

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K. See you later.

They nerfed Ambra so I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same to Galilea. It just might not happen as quickly as some will like.


The devs have already confirmed they’re working on a fix for her. This isn’t a closed beta. It takes a lot more to get a patch out right now, and hotfixes are there only if the game is completely unplayable.

If common sense is too much to ask of people, please, go ahead and leave.


Lol how did you expect people to reply to this? We both gave valid answers, ones that actually makes sense that the devs are working towards fixing this problem and should be out in the next patch.

Sorry we didn’t give you the validation/emotional reassurance you were seeking.

Sorry, not trying to assault you or your post. I understand your frustration, but posts like this do beg for attention.

In all seriousness, I’d give the devs a chance to fix this Galilea problem (much like they did with Ambra) before jumping off the deep end.

Galelia may take longer to fix because gearbox is taking a complete look at her Kit in general. Not just simpler numerical buffs/nerfs that they have done to other characters.

Is it frustrating? Yes. But besides Galelia, balance wise for OPed characters is pretty limited so I take that as a positive sign that Gearbox will and is making the correct decisions so far.

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Like someone said above, another thread abotu galilea has been answered by Gearbox and they’re saying they’re working on it.

The game is 6 days old. Can’t you seriously wait for the first patch to come? Which pvp game is balanced at release? i never saw one.

So just relax, and until then, shoot that nasty black thingy from afar, better yet flank her with another person, or just avoid her :].


Everyone: let’s all stay frosty and any keep things respectful, please. There’s no reason to resort to snark or a harsh tone.

I think we’ve made it pretty abundantly clear that Galilea will be a hot topic of discussion internally this week. I’d ask that everyone stay cool and trust that we’re going to do right by the game and the community (because you know we will). If you have any further questions, you can PM me directly.

For now I think this thread has run its course so I’ll be closing it.