Welp Looking for Aloots of shts. i

-Godroll Deadeye class mod with +3 in two fang and +2 in fast and furiorious (looking for stats like weapon dmg, Pistol dmg, AR dmg)
-Burning,Rad,Normal Flakker with 100% ASE

  • Stagecoach with x25 and 100% ASE annointment(Or next 2 mags bonus dmg)
    -Annexed Fire lyuda with ASE 125% more dmg to bosses( prefer 16-24 round clip)

-Bloodletter mod with +3 in desperate measures and +2 in thin red line( prefer weapon dmg,and other good stats)
-Fire Dammed After exiting Iron bear next 2 mags bonus incideary dmg
-Any really good Deathless Artificats (Cutpurse,Caustic,Last stand) with Mag size, dmgs, shield erchage delay or rate)


  • Rechagerger Shield( ASE bonus dmg)
  • Any good Spiritual driver mod with good stats)

Got too many items…lets see if we can make a trade

Got a spiritual drive with weapon dmg smg dmg and cov acurruacy nothing to fancy

ohoohoho. sounds great.

i saw u on another thread asking for a snowdrift with speciif stats. i had a few snowdrifts but none with heavy dmg or reload speed. is their anthign else ur looking for

Got any nukems with ase cyro???

I think i got scourges with those annoints. But Not any nukems i dont even know who drops that.

The rare spawn before you fight Freddie the traitor and it’s all good you got any shredda fires for moze or a red suit with action skill cool down and add me psn:FallenDark200

I won’t be on until tomorrow so I’ll ship that mod your way

Thanks bro. But nah i thoguht nobody used the shredda fires so i got rid of them all. Red suits as well q.q. Fck i feel bad if i ever find one bro i gotchu

No problems I’m always looking for janky stuff like a sledges shotgun with gamma burst or s multivitamin band of sitorak with gunner cooldown or some gburst woodblocker

Was farming loco for rare green monster,got pent up nukem with ase cryo,msg me if you want it

Snowdrift deathless. Movement speed, corrosive damage, cryo efficiency.

Cauterizing deathless. Shotgun damage, movement speed, aoe damage.

I have a recharger with cryo on ase. Brimming and fortify charge.

Cocky flakker with the rakk debuff.

I’ll have to check for the deadfang mod later if someone doesn’t get you soon. it’s in my girlfriend’s bank until I clear space but I think that’s all I can help you with.

better than nothing lol!

Send a request to megadethwm I’ll send them over soon.