Welp,No Man’s Sky did it, so when GBX?

True cross platform multiplayer. Was just in the Nexus* and saw all 3; Steam, Xbox & PS4 icons on fellow travellers.

*Multiplayer hub to meet players & go on missions together.


I would really like it especially as Borderlands 3 isn’t competitive, so even potential disadvantages consoles have (lower framerate, controller sensitivity, input latency etc.) would just not make a difference. Also I have a lot of friends scattered across the systems, so having them all available as co-op partners would be awesome and would probably even bring some people back that have put down the game and haven’t played for months.

Also, it would extend the games’ lifespan.

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they really have to scale scope sensitivity like bl2 , the one we have on console is impossible to have both sniper and low zoom sight to have comfortable sensitivity, i use 7 and i can only use low zoom comfortably. if i drop to 6 or below the sensitivity become to low to play.

also i felt like my control is very slippery for no reason and i have already measure the maximum speed to match other games i play , i presume its the problem of low frames or acceleration. but mostly low frames since acceleration is also commonly implemented on other console fps like r6s which u can get used to it to the point u stop feeling out of control when trying to turn 180

Lets worry about fixing basic matchmaking before trying tackle cross platform. 1 problem at a time


I’d be surprised if it wasn’t already in their list of things to do, but yeah… matchmaking and some of the bigger bugs are probably ahead of this on the list of things to do.

Their hurdles a sony microsoft publisher deal