Welp, rest in peace Pre-Sequel

October 2015, no last minute surprise DLC

Oh well…guess I’ll just have to sob uncontrollably

Hopefully Battleborne will mitigate the pain…especially after that Payday 2 fiasco…

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Here here
Really wish it got the same support as Borderlands 2

Its a great game that i will be playing for a very long time. They said it wasnt going to be as big as borderlands 2. But the game has alot of content and is a nice size with all the dlc. I really wish we would have got more support for it but o well im still satisfied. Im just hoping they add the rest of the unobtainable weapons to bosses without drops or just in the world drop pool.

Maybe afterTFTB is finished they’ll start back on presequel,I hope its not finished completely,its only been out a year but all that has happened since earlier this year it could very well be done.

Gearbox is done with this game. Battleborn is the main focus at the moment and Borderlands 3 was announced to be in development and this will ramp up as BB launches. TPS was only luke-warmly received and developing more content for it at this stage would not be an effective use of resources.

2k Aus as we know it is gone.

The entire direction of Gearbox’s efforts are aimed at Battleborn.

I’d speculate that the chances of new TPS content will be limited to golden key tweets from Randy.

I play this game a lot still. But onto newer and bigger things…

A Borderlands movie and Borderlands 3 are on the horizon.

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I didn’t know that there was a BL movie in the works, so that’s really awesome to read!

According to Steam I have 715 hours in TPS and the last time I played it was in May, so it’s been five months since I last set foot in TPS. I was hoping for something, anything new to bring me back but that didn’t happen and I don’t think it will ever happen and I just don’t have the urge to start it up again. I had fun and it was well worth the money and time I spent in the game, but it looks as if it’s completely over now and I moved on a long time ago.

Till Borderlands 3 I guess.

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1000+ BL | 250+ BL2 | 54 TPS - I am not liking this trend. BL3 will need to be something special.

I dunno, I have 317 hours in BL (I had to stop because the horridly narrow FOV made me sick), 2200+ hours in BL2 and only those 715 hours in TPS but I’m not worried.

BL3 will probably not follow in the footsteps of TPS design-wise since 2k Aus had major influences in the game and they’re no longer around. AFAIK BL3 will be done by GBX and that alone makes a huge difference already.

I hope bl3 does follow a little what the pre sequel did. Cause there are some great mechanics and ideas in the pre sequel. And i hope they are carried over and improved for the next game.

I didn’t really mean game mechanics, what I meant was the humor and aussie-centric themes that seemed to dissuade and alienate some people.

I’m hoping that they find a way to bring ice element back because that was awesome and I’d really feel like something was missing, butt slamming though, that can go away and never come back.

Mine’s the opposite: I’ve put more hours into BL 2 than either BL or TPS.

What worked for me was sitting further away from the screen. I still get a little green in BL2 and TPS if I sit too close.

Nothin but nothin TC, it was great while it lasted.