Welp! Yet Again

Probably NOT a spoiler.
On BL3 (Mayhem 2) I just noticed that my money is $99,999,999.
Just like in BL1 (I think the max is/was $9,999,999) and in BL2 the max was/is $99,999,999.

Well, we should all know that even though the dollar amount listed never changes, the game keeps track of the actual money you have. (I think/hope/whatever)

… just saying…

It’s only visual cap. The real cap is little over two billion (2147xxxxxx). You can check your actual cash at QCS, by dying or by holding Lending smg.



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QCS = Quick Change Station?


And by which the esteemed Grze means you can determine your full amount by seeing what these services charge, since a respec costs 10% of your cash then it’s easy to figure out from the fee the machine will charge you how much you have (i.e., move the decimal point).
And the Predatory Lending SMG lets you know because reserve ammo count when the weapon is equipped will be the exact balance.
Just being pedantic.

Oh, and my personal belief about why gearbox does this is pretty simple. You can make simple UI decisions if you know the minimum and maximum amount of digits you will ever have to display for a cash balance.
If the amount was uncapped you’d either be dynamically re-laying out the UI at certain times (which would be a pain to do right for an edge-case) or you’d overflow the area you designated for cash display, making the UI look very messy.