WEP Post Drop Increase?

How are the loot midgets post hot fix? Pre patch I was seeing some relics but very few guns or class mods. Is that any better now? I’m totally stoked to get to farming but I don’t get home to play till after E3. I need to live vicariously through other nerds on the internet :slight_smile:

I think they are def better! Do a few (about 10) runs a day and just today I got a hornet, bouncing Bonnie, leg mechro class mod, and a slag butcher for 12 runs. I also see more tubby stalkers on the way thru than before. The red chests are much better also. Got a skullmasher today from the chest in mordecai’s stash on the cliff after my last run.

Didn’t they say they tripled the drop rates from what they were originally?

Yes, but it wasn’t clear to me how that would translate to baddies that didn’t necessarily have specific loot associated with them like the midgets. Also hearing the appearance of tubbys has gone up is pretty encouraging.

According to GBX the rate of Legendaries as been tripled globally so if it can drop a Legendary it is three times more likely to do so.
In the case of bosses this refers to their Legendary loot pool meaning uniques and skins are also affected but it is still only one of their drops per kill at most.
Tubby spawn rate hasn’t been increased however.

Personally, it doesn’t feel like LM drop rate has been increased but I dunno.

There is something fishy about w.e.p. The 1st few days I was getting great drops within a few runs. Easily getting 1 to 2 legend arise and pearls for every 5 or 6 runs. Now it takes hours to see anything drop. I’m also getting green weapons from llm. Don’t recall that happening to often. I’ve noticed the decline in drops for awhile since the “new” rates were applied. It’s hard to chalk it up to bad luck seeing how this trend has been going on for sometime.

On a side note my llm keep jumping into the ceiling. It’s funny because this just started happening around the time my bad drop rates started.


I got two legendary weapons from loot midgets today within an hour, and every day it seems like I get more that I’ve ever experienced before. I mean it’s definitely improved from when I played BL2 on the PS3 where I hardly saw any legendaries, not even from the bosses.

It’s nice getting to experience them, but I wouldn’t want to have nothing but orange stuff to play with (not at my level) so the frequency seems good to me.