We're almost there

It’s finally here…my friend and I are about to reach the OP levels. Team Yells “O” Lot (Krieg and Gaige) are proving to be not that bad in UVHM.

Through thick and thin my friend and I both have weaknesses, none of us is carrying the other. My friend’s Gaige has been (stupidly) lucky with getting items. He has the legendary class mod he got in TVHM (found no upgrade since) and the powerful Bee shield he just got last session. Though his one weakness is…if he dies or at the start of our session he’s very weak. (He needs to build his Anarchy to be able to stand on his own.)

That’s where I come in~
My Krieg has been struggling since day 1 lol. I have the worst luck with RNG, even with our little bit of farming we did. I still manage to NOT get a Legendary Class mod. So cause of that I had to really be smart with my playstyle, protect my buddy whenever he needs it to save his Anarchy. And really pull my own weight so I don’t become a liability to my friend. Even without Legendary Class modes, I still prove to be very powerful cause…well Krieg. :wink:

We just have a few side missions to do, pick up a level 72 firehawk shield, a new rubi for me (pretty much all the side missions are for me lol) and lastly finish the Sir Hammerlock’s DLC/enter Digistruct Peak to open OP1

My question is…first what should we expect in the Sir Hammerlock’s DLC? How much of a challenge will Digistruct Peak give us? And finally OP levels…upon unlocking OP1 should we do the whole game again in OP1 or is that a waste and we should just unlock OP2 and further?

Side note- If you’re wondering why we’re just doing Sir Hammerlock’s DLC, my friend and I agreed how we would handle the DLC’s.

NVHM- Scarlet’s DLC
TVHM- Torgue’s DLC
UVHM- Sir Hammerlock’s DLC
OP which ever- Tiny Tina’s/holiday themed DLC

I just recently started unlocking OP levels on my Krieg. To be honest, go ahead and see how well you do in digi. I stayed at OP1 for a wk, then after I replaced my standard gear with OP1 I went and did digi again. To be honest I didn’t notice much of a difference between OP1-OP4.
I stopped at OP4 because my farming buddy was having some issues while we were doing the OP4 test. Once we replace his standard gear we are going to go at it again.

As for your gaige buddy, if you are playing hellborn krieg(assuming you are since you are using firehawk) just make sure his deathtrap isn’t trained to replenish your shield. I have had a lot of bad experiences in public co-op games with my shield being half replenished by Gaige players and it totally screws up my hellborn playstyle.

Forgot to add, if you don’t feel like farming Scorch for a new Hellfire every OP level, just tip Moxxi until she gives you a good touch. With the maliwan parts you’ll get high ignite chance and the damage will be similar to the Hellfire.

Or do what I did and just do the tubby run thru that area and kill Scorch while you do your route. After 10 or so Tubby runs, if you don’t get a new hellfire just go hit that tip jar. Also farming torgue tokens for a new DPUH is always handy. My 72 w/ Jakobs grip is still doing an amazing job on OP4 though.

I’m pretty much using whatever seems good lol. I got angry at the game so much cause it kept giving me Class mods that point towards Hellborn Krieg, despite not having the right gear to support it yet. I’m able to now but I honestly wouldn’t mind something that works well with “Legendary Sickle” whenever I may actually get one >.> (damn my luck)

That’s why I’m really hyped to be doing Sir Hammerlock’s DLC, I read about the “Rough Rider” shield and it sounds yummy for my Krieg <3

Don’t mind me, just scooting you over to the Krieg section.
You’ll probably get best advice for him there.

Best of luck.

I didn’t mean for this to be about Krieg. I’m mainly asking what should we expect from the Sir Hammerlock’s/Digistruct Peak DLC

As well as asking how my friend and I should be doing OP level’s (if we should finish the game in OP1 and slowly work our way up or keep leveling the OP level until OP8.)

One of the awesome things about krieg for a co-op game like this, is that he can be completly independat of gear for a lot of the playthrough, if you want him to be, and even if you want to grab some guns and do some shooting, he can use a really wide variety of weapons.
So if you’re have exceptionaly bad luck with loot, you can always fall back to melee.

Regading DLC, you’ll probaby end up doing more than just the hammerlock DLC to get to 72 from the end of the story in uvhm, I recomend you save as many of the side missions (that give unique rewards) from both the base game and the DLC, as you can. many of those rewards are very powerful and will help you immencely if you wait on them until you hit a wall in OP levels.

I’d recomend not reseting your playthrough each OP level, while that will smooth out the dificulty a bit becasue you can come into each level with fresh gear, the dificulty increase, espically over the first couple levels, isn’t really that much, it only starts getting really hard past op4 or so.

Regarding how hard the peak is going to be for you specificaly, you have some of the harder charecters to beat it with, but you do cover eachother’s weaknesses pretty well. Just be aware that it will get very hard after the first few levels, and you will have to go out and farm up new gear.

Also, the RR is probably the best shield for krieg, it’s really awesome.

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We do have a wide range of side missions saved up for after we finish the game. We’ll be tackling them then finish Sir Hammerlock’s DLC, I’ll repeat we will NOT be doing Tiny Tina’s DLC in UVHM. We’ll only be doing that in OP levels (this is what we agreed on.) I know it would probably benefit us if we do it now but our minds are set on how we planned. :slight_smile:

And you have no idea how bad my luck is lol. My friend’s Gaige has been the lucky one outta this playthrough, I’ve been mainly sticking with melee but I do fire the occasional gun every so often.

So it starts getting hard around OP4/beyond huh? I’ll be sure to tell my friend that. We’ll probably keep doing it until we get OP4 then :slight_smile:

Tinas Spell grenades and Swordsplosion could really help both of you, to be honest. But you can run problably to OP4 without refarming gear.
The Firehawk shield is good for both of you, so save it until lv 72. A Fibber and Hail for your Gaige friend and a Kitten for yourself are good guns to aim at.
If you are going Hellborn, the Moxxi SMG is an easy to get good SMG.
Also, if you are going hybrid without StV, maybe consider the Love Thumper. It is also good for Gaige if speced into SiC and MiS.

I’m considering on keeping this level 72 SMG I got from Moxxi actually lol Though would you recommend the Hellfire one you get from Scorch I believe his name is lol. It gives up my healing powers (which is the whole reason why I’m considering Moxxi’s good touch.) for more power.

I second the Kitten! Nice fire rate and the healing bonus is a great second effect! Still using the 72 I got from first playthru of Torgue’s DLC. About to redo it on OP4 for more tokens and a fresh DPUH, and I’ll definitely be getting another Kitten along the way.

As for the Hellfire, per level, it does more elemental damage than the Moxxi, but doesn’t have the healing. If you are struggling to stay healed up then stick with the Moxxi, but after awhile switching will do better for you.

Yes, the Hellfire is going to be better in the end but you can still effectively use the Touch and save some farming. Also, it is a solid gun to run the peak with.

Another option to SMG are Plasma Casters. Maybe you can be lucky and find one!
Consider the Heartbreaker too, as it is easy to get and a lot effective. One ammo per shot, good fire rate and accuracy plus 2 in built acc (critical damage + pellet count). Really good on Hellborn specs.

Don’t know how it would synergise with Krieg but I’ve recently become acquainted with the Blockhead and it’s by far the most powerful Incendiary shotgun I’ve used, beating even the Heartbreaker (my previous favourite). It’s very ammo efficient, too. Only downside is that the pellets are very slow moving, whch takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it it’s a beast.

And if your going melee Krieg, DO NOT use a bladed weapon. It will actually reduce your damage after about level 42. I read this a long time ago and decided to test it, and it’s true. Also, items that give melee damage bonuses are strange. It seems like Krieg gets the same melee damage as everyone else, plus his own bonus for being Krieg. But an items that says a 25% melee bonus doesn’t compute to 25%, but less. It’s like it bumps up a standard characters melee, THEN adds Kriegs special bonus. So it might only increase your melee by 15%. But still, don’t knock it.

Slight correction :wink:.

That doesn’t make a big difference. I did some checking using an OP1 Krieg. I woin’t worry about my BAR ( off ) or skills, since it is for comparison purposes only. I did some testing using a non-melee, a 50%, and a 100% item. I don’t have a 200% ( Rapier ).
+ 20.9% melee artifact
Base 50% 100% Base 50% 100%
2089K 1605K 2141K 2150K (+3%) 1637K (+2%) 2172K (+1%)
77% 102% 76% 101.4%

As you can see, a 50% articaft drops your damage by almost 25%, and the 100% artifact only increases it by 2%. And, the 20.9% Melee Damage artifact actually only increase by 1-3% depending on the weapon. Now, I understand this doesn’t apply to this extent the lower level you are, and below about lvl 42 a 50% does help, but the higher level you are, you should avoid bladed weapons. Even though a 100% does have an increase, I don’t feel the minor melee increase is worth the overall lower weapon damage most bladed weapons have vs non-bladed.

My opinion. Take it leave it.