Were there any news regarding a Boss Rush mode or Heliophage rework?

With the possibility of Flairs I guess some might try to get their favorite Legendary not only as Max Roll but rather also with their favorite Flair.

That would mean that now a Rework of Heliophage (as in the Mini-Bosses drop gear, potentially even their resoective Legendaries) or a dedicated Boss Rush Mode (would be better, since it could include all bosses also the DLC ones)

As a concept I imagine a simple room with Teleporters, everyone with the Image of the Boss it leads to (and best with the name written to it, so you don’t go too the wrong battle by accident).

Once you stand on the Teleporter you are prompted to pick the difficulty increase. Either none at all, if you want to beat the bosses just for fun, a little, so it gets a little more challenging, but you get higher chances for better loot, or an high increase, that makes it a lot harder to beat with a good chance for better loot.

The thing I had in mind would be like this… if you clear a boss your difficulty increase is carried on to the next.

Why that you ask? Simple… if you want a certain Item you beat the ones that your not interested in first and try to get the best chances to get that legendaries by increasing the droprate per difficulty

The Peak would be the one you saved for last, and the last will drop all of his legendaries once, after the toughest fights you can imagine, so you really feel rewarded for your high risk of choosibg the most increase all the time.

You say “Wait, that’s too much. The last boss just can’t drop his whole Legendary Pool.” I say yes, since even if he drops 4 Pieces you are still at Gamble if it is Max Roll or if it might have a flair.

If course, how they do it isn’t that important, as long as I can kill all Bosses and Mini-Bosses in one go.

And it should at least support 2-3 players, so you don’t get burnt out by playing that mode all day alone.

I didn’t see any news, and I keep hoping that anything comes up.