Were we wrong? Will new skill trees come? :(

we probably all got our hopes up, but it seems by expanding on these characters, they probably meant add more class mods. Let me know what you think about this and maybe someone caught something i missed. but they might as well add 2 broken dlc characters if they are not fixing the ones we got.

I simply bring this up cause i feel like its time to get real and just expect the ugly. I wish they would talk to us more and let us know whats happening and not just throw flashy content at us and pretend that its not a band-aid. Im gonna play the dlc cause lore and gaige, but it wont fix the many problems the game has at the core.

i like bl3 and will try to keep my mind in a good place but i loved all the other BL games. no spark tbh, and i dont even wanna play the story ever again. Hell i played TFTBL like 5 times and thats like a movie. I even loved the game that shall not be named (TPS) lol.

what does everyone think…
about the bigger picture… will it all come together, or flop?


yea, i keel kinda cheated with the class mods being the “expanding” xD


worse feeling to start seeing it play out this way.
And they are not even good mods
both moze and fl4k’s leaked and…
its sadder


I watched a YouTube video that showed the new class mods and they all looked underwhelming to me.


Correct me if I’m wrong- I currently don’t have time to go looking the source, sorry- but didn’t they straight up say they would add new trees? During one of the Shows, I believe.

Considering everything else they’ve promised, something like making entirely new trees with proper balancing is probably not one of the first things that will be released.

Basically, may be a long while until that comes to pass.

If anyone can confirm, that’d be appreciated.

its the saddest

u got a sauce on that?
i didnt watch the first 5 shows

this is true, u are correct. but it was the idea that kept me hopefull. to see it bleed out and to see the truth is nasty. i know its my fault, but is this what anyone wanted?


Nope. They have never officially confirmed additions of new skill trees. It’s just been a rumor that for some reason most of the community actually believes in lol


No they never said that at all. The closest thing they said is they chose to expand on each class rather then make new ones in BL3. That statement can be interpreted in so many ways. It was a chunk of the community that immediately assumed that means new or expanded skill trees and started spreading that around.

That statement they made could have been as simple as meaning what they had already done. IE each class has 3 action skills which is an expanded idea from previous borderlands.


in reality it’s just more COMS
bad ones too :frowning:


My guess would be probably yes, but not as part of the first season, if you are gonna call it that.
My guess is that this year we are only gonna get the rest of the four campaign DLCs and a few seasonal events and maybe another Takedown or two.
Next year/towards the end of this year the next season is gonna start and if Borderlands 2 is anything to go by, we are gonna get a few more but shorter DLCs and that’s when they might also expand on the current characters further (or possibly add a new one, who knows?).
I mean, no offense but I get the feeling that many people don’t quite give the game a fair shot because they look at all of the content Borderlands 2 has now over 7 years after its release and expect Borderlands 3 to catch up to that soon. Like, the game has only been out for about half a year. Give them some time.


Thanks for the context. I rarely have time to catch the shows and I saw so many people act like that was said. My mistake, thanks for clearing it up.

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Gotcha, my mistake. Saw enough people talk about it like it was a thing. Thanks for the correction.

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Wait, wait wait… So instead of giving us 2 awesome new DLC characters like Gaige, Krieg, Timothy and Aurelia they’re not even giving us a 4th skill tree but merely some crappy COMs that are not only underwhelming but seem like pseudo fixes for problems the characters skills themself have?

What the…

Also @kabflash are you 100% sure because I think this was one possible idea that Randy was listing on Twitter while discussing other ways too expand characters.

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On the show that people keep referring to yes I’m positive because I searched it up and rewatched it to clarify a while back. I don’t follow Randy’s Twitter so I don’t know about that, but if you can provide proof otherwise - by all means.

these characters are barely explored contrary to popular belief


i waited 7 years for it and i guess like many we dont wanna wait anymore. but your right. how can i expect them to release a bl2-2 when not even bl2 was put together in a short time.

i just feel sucker punched while waiting weather its
skill bugs
gear bugs
end game
lack of raid boss
build diversity

I hope it all comes together for everyone.
hell ill even throw money at them if they need to add the unspeakable (micro…) bleh
but i would

Just did a google search of his twitter, using the phrase “skill tree”, and he doesn’t seem to have mentioned it. At least not directly using the phrase of a new/4th skill tree.

As far as I know, they’ve never officially agreed to the idea of a 4th skill tree, but they might have said it’s something they might think about.

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Of course it could be that I just remember it wrong, hell I’m talking about tweets from early last year shortly after Bl3 was revealed.

If anyone with more knowledge about twitter could dig this tweets up… otherwise I just think it’s sad that we won’t be getting new characters and “now” not even new skilltrees, especially since the trailers showed things like Amara with a Cryo augment and a cool looking Ice Jabber(no pun intended)

Well thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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