Wet Week.....Anyone analyze this yet?

Wet Week

I was thinking on Wilhelm with Afterburner this might be really good…

Anybody get a drop of one or grind one yet??

Demonite did a Wilhelm video on it

Watched it…

Standoff range

Wet Week
Afterburner 10/5
Targeting Scope 10/5
Escalation 5/5
WTtGS 5/5
10% Gun Damage Moxxi Cocktail
If it can be ground…then Lunashine 10% Critical Hit
Paint the Target with Saint
Matching Oz kit for element or Sniper Damage

My Goodness!

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Fairly easy farm…

Went to Stanton’s Liver and ran a quick path by jumping over the lava…Maybe a minute to get there.

He’s called Moonman or something similar…not Swagman…but he has the hat.

made about 25 runs in about an hour and a half and got 9 different Wet Weeks…3 at 69

Wound up with a nice set of Fire, Corrosive, Cryo and a beautiful Night prefix shock model.

It is DEFINITELY going to take Afterburner at 10/5 to make this exceptional IMHO…bullet speed is sloooooow.

This may be a BEAST on Aurelia!!

It’s pretty nice on her

Is it possible to grind this with Lunashine???

Sure is! Grind two green sniper rifles and any other green gun, and just keep trying! It can take a while!