Wet Week Drop Chance?

Today,I tried to farm Wet Week in NM from Swagman but it didn’t drop.I killed him 3-4 times but,there was no Wet Week for my Claptrap.Is there very low chance in NM or is this not normal?

I believe it’s the standard 1 in 10. I’ve farmed the one in Stanton’s Liver quite a bit, since he’s very easy to get to, and managed to get a full elemental set without too much difficulty.

Wow! Good job,then.I was thinking it was a common drop but,I will farm it later.

It’s a designated drop (like the Hail, Fatale, etc.) so it should be 1 in 10 on average. Basically, that applies to any blue unique (red text) or legendary rarity item that’s not a mission or side quest reward.

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I get WW and Hail drops all the time.

You also kill their sources all the time! I believe these things may be connected on a deeper level, which I shall consider over a cup of hot cocoa.


Don’t forget the butter cookies!

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Oh guys,problem solved! I got it after 9-10 kills and with cyro element! And accessuaries,of course.

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