Wet Week vs The Machine?

Im curious about Wet Week and The Machine.Which is better? I know Wet Week has very good damage and with cyro,it can be an absolute beast.But,I used The Machine before and it has good damage too,Also its fast.I think Wet Week is like easily obtainable version of The Machine.I don’t think there is very important difference between The Machine and Wet Week.Is there anyone that have different opinion?

The Machine gets a continuous damage boost similar to Maliwan lasers, so that makes it better. Plus Dahl Sniper rifles just aren’t as good as Vladof or Maliwan ones in my opinion.

Yeah,Vladof Rifles have fast fire rates,specially The Machine.But WW has very high damage,so it makes WW as good as The Machine.Its critic damage is like one-shot kill.Freezing the enemy and using WW grants very easy kills.But like you said,The Machine has very fast fire rate unlike other vladof sniper rifles.Also have good capacity.And these features shows the results.

The Machine:1
Wet Week:1

I wasn’t impressed with the Wet Week because of the slow bullet speed. It’s fine for enemies doing their immobile firing posture, but tough to hit anything moving. It’s not bad but given a choice between WW or another sniper rifle of similar level and blue (or better) quality, I’ll always take the latter.

Haven’t run into a The Machine yet. Looks pretty cool according to the wiki.

I like them both for different reasons but use the Machine more so I’ll give it my vote.

I like the Machine more at endgame, when you’ve maxed out your ammo SDUs. It’s not very efficient as you’re leveling because it’ll burn through your limited sniper ammo reserves too quickly. I like the Wet Week as a leveling weapon (I also liked the Sloth in BL2, which is essentially the same weapon). It hits hard, you can cancel the burst by unzooming if you land a crit on the first shot, and it’s generally very good for taking down badasses and the like. So split my vote between the two of them.

I’d like someone to give me a solid argument for any Dahl Sniper rifle over a Maliwan Snider. Because the only Dahl ones people seem to like are uniques, Sniders are common. I just don’t see any reason to ever use a Dahl sniper rifle.

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Honestly, I haven’t really tried to use the Wet Week, but the Machine is incredible. I’ve got cryo and shock ones that I use all the time.

I dont think WW is hard to use,It can be very useful for Badass enemy types.Its burst mode is no problem for me,I can land critics with burst fire.It’s brust fire is not makes it hard to use,I think.That makes it more powerful.But DAHL is only good at making certain legendaries and certain unique snipers.I dont like its pistols or ARs.

ADS burst fire. More DPS. :wink: that is why I choose Dahl over Maliwan.

The Wet Week is worth it on characters with Bullet Speed skills.

That’s only true in UVHM, though. Before then snipers are one-shot-one-kill guns. And even in UVHM, a Dahl sniper will only do well if it has a Dahl or possibly Hyperion stock, or the recoil will pull the burst off the crit spot after the first shot.

I’m with Vinterbris on this, any Maliwan, Jakobs, or Vladof sniper over any Dahl sniper.

I have a perfect parts purple Dahl sniper in the bank for Axton if he ever gets high enough level to use it, since I’ve heard he can do really well treating a gun like that as a super-heavy AR. That’s as far as I’ve gone with Dahl snipers though.

Personally the Machine is awesome, but I reserve it as a boss weapon only. Any lesser enemy and you’d be better off with a glitch Droog or even a purple variant. That being said, it is a monster boss killer, essentially getting stronger the harder the boss tries to live.

The Wet Week is my go to “Warning Shot” Aurelia sniper (a build that ignores INM). Get a cryo version and a Celestial Baroness COM, and mobs will die faster than they would with a Droog. And it will beat out an INM build with a Snider… until it gets quite a few stacks.


The Machine is also good with BoomTrap build of Clap.Actually,not only The Machine,all Vladof snipers goes on with BoomTrap build of Clap.

The Machine can be a beast with BoomTrap build of Clap too.Of course with Sapper CM.Also if its fire or cyro,that makes it more,more awesome.But,WW is also good with BoomTrap

So,from my experience,The Machine is same as WW.They are beastly snipers.