Wha whhhy du do dat?

Lets lighten the mood abit. Decribe a moment while playing that just made you question why the hell they did that?

For me was in a match i just played and both teams were pretty even. Me and 2 other people clear out the middle merc camp AND THEN…i get left to capture it on my own just as 3 enemy players casually walk in kill me and take it for themselves!!!

But why?? :frowning:

Everytime someone tunnels who I’m healing and ignores me…I say a silent thankyou while questioning there sanity.

I mean a green lazor connecting me to them should be a clue.


One time I was playing orendi and I was running back to the second sentry and an enemy el dragon somehow got past the first sentry and pursued he tried to finish me with clothes line but I used my ultimate and he was done in

Playing as Montana just about to take middle merc camp… dog hits left bumper when he jumps on my lap… if you never played Montana all you need to know is… I fell to my death… why dog


So I’m healing someone (can’t remember the character) as Ambra and they skillfully juke my sunspot and successfully stay away from my heal to get done in by an Oscar Mike grenade.


Yeah, this happens far too frequently when I’m playing Ambra. I’m always left questioning what the heck is going through their mind. My theory is that a lot of people don’t realize the sunspot heals.

My is when you heal them to full and they still keep running back to the heal station only when they get there do they start to run back into the fight.

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We played the Algorithm and were about to activate the icedrill.
But our Thorn had lost orientation completely - she tried to push OM from the activation plate for about 4minutes, while there was still an big empty spot just reserved for her.
We jumped, pointed, even talked friendly over headset. But the pushing continued until after felt eternities she took the free plate.

Looked like a “I want the window seat!!!” brawl lol

I often loose orientation ingame, but that was a real “What the hell?”-moment. Nice thing: Noone yelled at Thorns player, no bad talk happenend :slight_smile:

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I have a really bad habit of getting cocky and overextending when our team is up by a significant margin (roughly 200 points on meltdown is usually when this starts happening). I’d say that a third of my deaths are because of this lol.

I also remember this one time when I played Reyna after a really long Rath session and caught myself trying to sneak behind enemy lines and melee people to death. Got a few questions from my team after my actions in that game.

There have also been a couple situations where I miscalculated the trajectory on Lumberjack Dash and ended up saving my enemies rather than killing them.

a teammate is attacking a Montana who is at 80% hp and getting healed by a miko at 20% hp. Teammate is struggling to get montana down to 70% after 30 seconds. I run in and kill miko in two seconds and montana dies 5 seconds later. I really dont understand how people dont know after all the years of gaming “focus the healer” wins games/fights

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Oh, that is the most common thing, it shouldn’t count:D

I swear, there is some kind of secret mini game of avoiding ambra’s sunspots which people hide from me:(

Watching a CR 97 Galilea constantly chase someone that’s at full health into the enemy base while their thumpers are up and there’s 2-3 people behind them shooting into Gal’s back. After the match ends and they go 1-17 with their only kill being them stealing an Oscar Mike kill from my Whiskey Foxtrot, they send me a rage message complaining that they would have done better if I had helped them.

The kicker? I had asked them if they’d like to invite me to the party chat before the match started so I could communicate, they said “■■■■ off, we don’t need your help.”

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‘Hmmmf, I might need your help’