What 2 capstones have you tried at 57?

If you were going to absolutely do a 2 capstone build for Moze, which two capstones would you choose and why? I played Slaughter Shaft and half the DLC last night with a full Demo Woman and Bottomless Mags build, but swapped the Bottomless Mags to SOR right before bed. Gonna try out the Shaft again today with that.

Curious what others think and/or have tried.

(my gear notes: My build uses Mind Sweeper, and I just got to 57 and literally cleared my bank out entirely minus relics, uniques, and class mods. I’ve only been using found items, such as a lvl 55 Krakatoa and 57 Eruption that just happened to drop in shaft. Otherwise, it’s been no weapon focus with my build guiding my decisions.)

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I’ll probably never make it down to two capstones. I usually find my self choosing one and splitting the rest in the other two trees.

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I’ve played moze ever way you can, even without Vampyr, using a BBB to heal with a big shield, and I kinda agree. It’s hard, but i figured I’d see what all this fuss was about with having 2 capstones. It seems alright overall. Just curious what others might have or are trying.

I’m running just enough points for Some for the Road + just enough points for Short fuse + just enough points for 3/5 Drowning In Brass.

The Stainless Steel Bear fix is also really noticeable, Iron Bear can kill a bunch of enemies now before running out of cooldown.

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After doing SF and then splitting the other 2 trees to the mid cap, I did SF and Forge (blast master) ice come to realize how awesome having SF and Forge is. It’s just a huge QoL improvement over relying solely on Redistribution for ammo regen.

I think people will be pleasantly surprised at the dps gain of Forge with SF. Though still not as powerful as going up to EM in SoR, I don’t know if I can easily give this build up with the guns I’m currently using.


yeah it was a huge boost in dps for anything i did. I was using a 53 Ion Cannon for funzies at lvl 57 and it was crushing everything. Click Click is just so dang good at boosting rockets with zero ammo if you’re using Some for the Road. It might be the only way Moze can comparably output dmg close to amara/zane


I may or may not be scourge spamming SftR all the time before swapping to a CH anointed gun.

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omg my zane partner get so frustrated when i clear slaughter shaft wave with one Some For the Road Scourge volley. I havent tried it at 57 yet because I dont have a 57 160 Splash.

It’s coming tho :stuck_out_tongue:

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Try a Painbow Moze.
Rad ASE Juliet’s Dazzle
25 OGT CMT (or shock ASE)
1 point in FITSD
Green Monster (gets full splash build up, I got real lucky and rolled weapon damage and weapon crit damage)


Give One IB Arm Slag Rockets.

Short Fuse + Forge
Two points in Armoured Infantry.

That Harmaggeddon perk is no joke.
The tracker grenade puts DoTs on everything.

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How much does harmageddon do? For instance, 5% extra damage from 1/5 FitSD wouldn’t be anything hardly. But is that how it works, or is it enemies take 5 percent more damage from all sources per dot?

I’m currently trying out CH combined with Kill stack anointment.


It boosts all damage by 5% per concurrent elemental status effect.


That’s 30% and seems to be it’s own seperate damage type. So multiplicative to everything else, and an increase in overall damage.


I would imagine the piss grenade gets the bonus too.

Is the CH KS setup worth the fiddly juggling of annointments?

Added bonus is you can dodge all enemy resistances.

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Depends which weapons I want to use. If I want to make low mag builds work without reloading much then I would do Short Fuse + Forge. If I had higher mag guns or wasn’t caring about reload then Short Fuse + Tenacious Defense. Either set up is going to be very good. Most of my builds however won’t use two capstones and I’ll just use the extra points to either add in more QOL options or more damage like taking DIB or something.


I wonder what damage type it is. I imagine it will be something already in use, I hope it’s the same as c-c-combo.

The CH KS combo is great so far. I don’t think I’ve had as much fun with Moze as combining them. You don’t have to juggle anything as long as you’re using only those.

What I’m doing is using SftR with a launcher with KS. Then I either switch to another KS weapon like the Faisor shotgun or the boom sickle, get a few more stacks, then swap to an ogre with CH and it combines the weapon damage with the KS. KS let’s you swap to other weapons and keep the damage (if it’s another KS you can keep on stacking) and CH ramps up so quickly its basically max CH + like 30 to 50% KS damage.

Using Forge right now and I don’t have to worry about swapping back to an empty mag. I might sin the boom sickle out for another faisor because it regens ammo when it’s put away and Forge isn’t needed at all. Plus the boom sickle is a bit much, it just one shots everything.


just come over to the mindsweeper side of things, finally, and you wont have to worry about forge :smiling_imp:

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we dont have slag :wink:


I’m just tired of kind sweeper at the moment. I’m just liking forge because it’s truly mindless blast master haha.

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i was just so tired of using the same gun non stop, and mind sweeper freed me up to randomly swap whenever i wanted without feeling like i lost a huge portion of my dmg output when i swapped to a gun that was low on ammo or something.

I’ve worked around that for the most part. Right now I have an ogre which doesn’t really run low without real effort (like green monster effort), a launcher for SftR, and faisor underbarrel for elemental damage, because the Faisors can be swapped at low mag and come back to a fully replenished magazine. I wish I had of made this build months ago.

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I was super lazy today and did an entire athenas run with a 25% ogt Recurring Tracker and a reloading Eruption with the mind sweeper. apparently, you can just keep throwing grenades forever against every single mob on that map and they all die so that’s a thing. not related to builds, just what it is.

Honestly you can go through athenas with just about anything lol. But the Eruption+nade tactic even works for Takedowns. One time in athenas being super lazy I just let Auto Bear kill everything in the bearonator build and it absolutely destroyed the place.

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