What a bad balance with Remastered game?

Hiigara is too much stronger than Vagr!!
Interceptor, Pulsa, BC, … and cheap upgrade cost!!

Why Vaygr’s fighter unit cap changed 18 to 15 ?!
Vaygr’s fighters are so weak and sucks!
4 more unit cap was only way to survive!

Vaygr’s BC upgrade cost is too high!
in old days, Hiigara’s BC cannot tilt 90degree!
but in RM , they can do that like Vaygr! why?!
This is very important cuz this was only way to offset high upgrade cost!

and why, Cloak field and Defense field’s time changed to half??
How can use them to useful?
It’s too short!!

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I’ve been playing a lot of Vaygr and they are incredibly powerful. Missile corvettes with laser corvettes will deal with anything you can face. If you are having trouble with pulsar corvettes then lancer fighters absolutely obliterate them.

Hiigaran and Vaygr play very differently and if you can get the hang of that you will dominate with either, depends very much on the skill of the player. Not that there isn’t some imbalances (more so between HW1 and HW2 races) but it might help to try and experiment and to find better tactics than the ones you are using currently? I have no problem beating Higs with Vaygr 1v1.

Hopefully once GBX is done with the critical bug fixes we can get some proper balance feedback and balancing going.

Like nerfing those laser corvetted lol :wink:

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Asymmetric balance.

The Vaygr are just as deadly in their own right.

Homeworld 1 race balance on the other hand…