What a weekend this was!

In the last 2 days or so, I’ve gotten the butcher, a pearl rocket launcher, 3 legendary grenade mods, an unkempt harold, the love thumper, the rubi and the legendary hunter class mod! May be a couple more I can’t remember but damn. The other day I changed my skills around and for me found the best thing yet!! I’ve seen a huge jump in my performance with what I am spec into and am FINALLY enjoying the hell out of uvhm with zer0! I just got the hunter class mod so I am going to try it tomorrow but I now have well over 1200 % melee damage and a ton of critical hit bonus along with a few other things. I can just imagine how op I am going to be with that Class mod o. Oh yeah I also got the gub and a kerrblaster what a weekend.

the rapier is included with that 1200+% aswell

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Can you help me level up?

Just got another non elemtal butcher, an explicit unkempt harold the storm and a hellfire… I haven’t done anything the last 2 hours but farm the midgets

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Ask in the online trade and play section for your system:


Yeah, my go to setup is always the slag rubi with a dpuh and my rapier. Literally all I need the dpuh does way better against loaders than any corrosive I’ve ever used against them. Pretty sad but I also can’t complain I love that gun. I found a great setup with my assassin and ever since then it’s been easy in uvhm soloing everything. Thanks for the tips though I was just happy I had gotten my first pearls ever ha