What ability is this?

I’ve looked through Moze’s abilities on the interactive skill menu provided for her but I can’t find anything that describes this. It looks like a scythe.

or is that not Moze?

That looks to be an enemy or NPC.


That’s not Moze. Looks like some type of boss.

Okay thanks for clearing that up, I thought it was Iron Bear.

Looks like one of those Maliwan robot things.

I still don’t know if those are automated or Maliwan Mechs.

Vladof = Iron Bear
Maliwan = Carbide Centurion ???

I’m glad to see both Vladof and Maliwan represented in Borderlands 3. Unlike Atlas in Borderlands and Hyperion and Dahl in Borderlands 2 and the pre sequel, Vladof and Maliwan didn’t seem to have a presence on Pandora besides through their guns.

The part of the video I screen shot was quick and I may have assumed to quickly that it was Moze, the Maliwan bots/mechs were also in that video but it didn’t click that’s what I was looking at.

Jakobs only had a brief bit in BL1 with the Dr. Ned DLC as the company that setup the original operations in the area but not much more.

Yeah, I almost mentioned that. Seeing as I really like Jakobs weapons, I hope we see more of their corporation in Borderlands 3. One trailer suggested we might since it introduced us to the Jakobs family.