What about champion Skins for the "New Recruits"?

Are they gonna unlock via Shift codes or are these poor souls out of Luck?

Since there were never “Unlock Challenges” for these, and they don’t get them like the Default Heroes after clearing the Prologue (again) I can’t think of anything else…

They aren’t worthy.

Disagree. I hate most skins the game provides, but these all black ones are not among them.

I think there seems to be some miscommunication here.

Oh whoops. Apologies.

Also, this game gives no pretty skins for Whiskey :sweat:

For him I default to the first non standard skin you unlock. Forgot what it is called, but prefer it over his default colourscheme.

If im correct you can still do the challenges for the champ skins if you didn’t do them before. Just go to career, challenges, characters and then there’s a section that shows the challenges for the champion skins.

Well, that is True also the reason why I replayed some of the Story levels, but it doesn’t solve the lack of black for Alani, Pendles, Ernest, Kid Ultra and Beatrix

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Pendles and Beatrix would look so ridiculously cool. Also Ernest and Kid Ultra. And ooh! Alani too

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