What about each character having own loadouts?

Hello fellow Battleborns, I hope you having blast with game as I do :slight_smile:

Anyway, I was thinking that it would be pretty cool if each character had his own loadouts…

Just because Battleborn characters are so unique, there is something lacking with the current loadout system.

I am lvl 20 atm, I have unlocked 4 loadout slots and it’s just not enough…

When I see two melee characters, Rath and Phoebe, I would like to boost Rath’s run speed, while Phoebe does not really need that, she has already a teleport skill.

And I am talking about two (kind of) similar melee characters here…

Even unlocking more slots won’t help anything in the long process, I don’t know about others but scrolling through 1000 pre-defined loadouts just to pick the correct one for the character I want to play seems very annoying… (I can’t even read the description of items when selecting loadouts before the game)

Ideally, after few levels, there could be more loadouts available (maybe 2 for each characters could suffice ? ).

OK, thnx 4 reading my rant and see you around on PC :slight_smile:

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I do agree that loadout options unlock rather slowly, and the idea of paying to unlock them faster is silly.

As far as your concern of remembering which loadouts are which when selecting them before a match… You know you can rename loadouts, right? If you can’t come up with names that remind you what a loadout is specced for, that’s your own fault.

I’ve only got 3 loadout slots, I find re-naming them helps. I have one named “Mellka” for Mellka, and named “Rath” for Rath. I did have a 3rd loadout name “Damage” that had attack dmg and attack speed, crit damage, and skill damage for a rainy day when I felt like going full dps play style. I recently changed that to a “Whisky Foxtrot” loadout before I jumped into a game with him to try out. It just takes a bit of planning beforehand. And have some character specific builds ready to go. If I joined a game and teammates picked either Rath or Mellka before me, then I’d just go for the next closest character that could benefit from the same loadout

I don’t have problem remembering or naming loadouts…

But game has how many , 25 characters ? So in the end, I will have 25 loadouts ? I will scroll to the death, lol

Why can’t be the interface little bit more user friendly ?

What if I want to have more loadouts for each character build ? Will I have 40 loadouts in the end ? Are you getting my point here ?

Not even saying that game keeps dropping me from character selection screen and when it disconnects me while browsing through loadouts, funky things sometimes happen (f.e. I end up with top first loadout automatically selected when I rejoin the game)…BUt that’s different story and I don’t want to discuss it here.

And in this exact situation, personalized loadouts could help u… Sorry, but searching closest character (because you have created loadouts for characters which were already chosen) is really awkward thing to do, obviously caused by not that great interface…

But I really don’t think they are going to change it. Things like these could be implementation-heavy and they probably have lot of other priorities…

It depends on how much you min/max build with gear I guess. My Rath uses sprint speed with secondary sprint speed under 50% health, health regen with secondary health regen under 50% health, and attack damage with secondary attack speed. First two are blue rarity and third one is purple rarity. I can effectively use that loadout with most melee characters. Only the health regen in really Rath specific (imo anyway) because I use it to buff his life steal for extra survivability. If you’re loadouts are THAT character specific that you couldn’t use them for other characters then that would create a problem. I don’t necessarily disagree with your proposal to have each character have their own loadouts, I was just trying to offer an alternative option that you may not have considered.

Woopsy! Just created a topic crying for more loadout slots :sweat_smile:
Just gonna … leave this here … and obviously support your thread!

It seems that loadout slots are currently limited to only 9 in total… which is ludicrous really.
Considering all the different characters, modes and team compositions that each result in different gear requirements multiple gear slots per character seem to be the best solution.

So it’s only 9 total ? LOL really ?

And totally agree ! You can’t get enough shards in capture which creates even more loadout requirements, I didn’t even mention that.

I totally understand your point and I am doing exactly same thing now… But if game offers such amazing variety, the loadout should support it much effectively.

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Yeah … I´m currently command rank 36 with basically all characters unlocked (except Ghalt) and after purchasing 3 additional slots (and they are super expensive with 4k each btw. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) it says 9/9 loadout slots and the option to buy more is gone …

Seems as if 9 is the maximum ammount … and even if you where able to unlock and purchase 2 or 3 more on higher ranks it is nowhere near enough to support all the different possibilities.


It´s true that many characters can share loadouts. I too currently run 3 budget ones (for Capture) … meele, ranged and healer and just as many premium ones (for Meltdown and Incursion).

Currently it still works out (or rather “has to do” …) , but once you unlock the legendaries through the lore challanges with specific effects for individual characters and your gear selection in general keeps growing, then 9 loadout slots suddenly seem like nothing, really …

There are still so many factors that weren´t even mentioned … let´s just look at the gear with “drawbacks” for example:
You ideally would want to run gear with “- Shield Strength” on it for Eldrid characters as the disadvantage does not bother you, but they cost less … There are characters that don´t suffer from a reload penalty while other would etc. etc. … Sharing loadouts only gets you so far. :worried:


I would like that. At them moment I use eight generic loadouts. Healer, Bullet Hose, Hard Punches, Reloading with one PVE and one PVP variant each.

I agree completely. You should be able to equip a loadout to each character individual.

Thank you so much… I don’t know why but I have totally overseen this and was really annoyed because I never knew which loadout was which one. …now that I have read your post I realize it is clearly written in the menu.