What about early backers of Shipbreakers?

I was one of the few hundred that jumped in early and backed Shipbreakers. When the Homeworld license deal was announced BBI sent out an email saying (in part):

  1. Your Prospectors Guide and/or VIP package purchase will be fully refunded within the next 1-2 weeks.
  2. You will receive a free copy of HOMEWORLD: Shipbreakers when it is released.
  3. You will be notified if and when any additional benefits or products will be available for Prospector Guide & VIP buyers like yourself.

Have any details been announced about how we get our free copy and what other items will be available?

Thank you,

Coincidence? I just got an email regarding the free copy and other benefits to be determined from BBI.

Uh make sure to inform us what these other benefits turn out to be once they give you their decision. Might be nice to know that for the public.

Sure thing.

Sucks that they’ve been so low key about the development process.

Not really if you consider the history Gearbox has had with hyping certain games. Even HW:R had a little bit of an issue.

I backed in that timeframe as well, did you have to do any sort of email confirmation or anything before they contacted you? It’s a couple days away now…

You should have gotten an email on the email address that you used to register and pre-order the first time. If you used a dummy email or if you no longer have access to that email or if you haven’t recieved an email on that email address you will need to email them with that email address.

I got the one email that I mentioned telling me they’d be sending a Steam key to my email address. It’s the same address that I used when backing the original project.

As Forceuser said, if you’ve changed addresses you should get in touch with BBI and update your contact info.