What about Eva?

What do you guys think about Eva?
is she a siren? or we can now train people to become one?
How do you think it works?

There is a theory about the echo’s in BLTPS where Emily Swan talks about an Eridian telling her to flee from Pandora and her little sister will be safe.
Is the little sister Eva and has she been “touched” by the power of the Eridians to become a siren?

How can we “train” someone to become a siren if in the universe can exist only 6 sirens?

in my opinion we can now train people to become sirens but it must have something to do with the Eridium, kinda like Angel.
a costant flow of eridium in the body or a shot like a madicine? but it’s an artificial siren. she could probably do way less things with the powers.
or she will get tired really fast.

Her sister name is Emily.

I never cared for Ava simply because she’s a really badly written character. Literally will not shut up and is the most rude and idiotic character in the game. At least you get a good gun from her at some point.

Spoiler below, read at your own risk
Ava could be the sick kid swan was talking about, orswans kid could be Lilith’s successor (if she is dead) or she could be one of the 2 remaining unknown sirens.

Sirens are born that way and they “activate” after the death of the current siren. So you could be born a siren and die without ever coming into your powers.

They are not trained into being sirens.

Sirens can sense their successors and recognize when their time is coming to an end. The good ones prep their heirs for what’s coming.

Okay your fault for reading

Ah, that makes a lot more sense tbh.
But what about the Calypsos? Does Troy really count as a siren??? I’m still a bit confused on that part. What exactly does he count as cuz he seems to be a siren but his powers are the same as Tyreen…

I think he is the exception and doesn’t count as a separate siren. They were Siamese twins before their dad separated them so they count as one siren.

That’s just me making guessing mind you.

Until they absorbed the first vault monster he couldn’t even use his powers and could only feed from his sister and only what she gave him.

This is… untrue. The Nyriad files explain it.

Is that so? I think I blew through it, where was it please?

The siren lore is pretty messed up now tbh. Because the way it went about was that you are born with the siren powers and that they activate once you reach a certain age. And the exception to this rule was that you can be ‘given’ the powers by another siren - which is why Ava got Maya’s power.

They left a lot of loop holes however in this story. One would be ‘does this mean Maya planned to die?’ And also a Tannis breaks the rule (another reason why Tannis becoming a siren was nonsensical and shouldn’t have happened).

Because out of everyone in the universe it could have gone to, it just happened to go to someone already involved in the story. Angel could have given her the powers but there was no contact between the two. Nor would they have become friends at any point - mostly because bl2 Tannis anyway was very against getting close to other people with the exception of Roland who saved her life. If anything, Gaige would have been a lot better fit for that as not only could she have been in contact with Angel and Angel feel a connection to her but she already works with machines.

They’ve ruined the mysterious ness around sirens for me tbh. I get that at sone point all six sirens would come together but I had hoped they’d do that near the end - Tyreen and five sirens coming together for once big fight to stop the planet sized Destroyer and even go so far as to using their powers one together for a weapon that will stop it at the cost of losing said powers forever.

But instead we have a messy ‘the sirens all conveniently know one another’ kind of thing. And yes sirens are drawn to Pandora perhaps out of some sense of needing to protect the vault, I’ll go along with that, but Ava and Tannis becoming sirens felt done more so to save time on the story.

I wouldn’t be surprised if firehawk powers go to someone already known like Lorelei (who is a retconned model for Lilith).

my advise to you is to listen to every Nyriads logs.

She makes a lot of your points clear as day.

I have listened to all the logs. I’ve still got gripes with how sirenology was handled on this game.

Ava I could slide even though I loved Maya. But Tannis becoming a siren was unnecessary and even changed Tannis’ character for the worst. She was unique and memorable in 2 but in this she became someone else.

Tyreen got her powers because she was born inside Nyriads prision, in the same way Tannis got Angels powers because she kept studying the machines Angel used to use.

Sirens leave a “mark” on the objects that can give the power if the siren is dead

Well, here is the thing. Going by Mikey Nuemanns writing (he would probably be best to answer this stuff as well) a siren feels the end of her song and is can prepare their heir. It wasn’t implied that they can choose whomever they want to pass it on to.

When they die the successors powers activate. It could be when they are young (Maya), or late in life (Tanis), or never because they may die before the siren. Mayas death mirrors how Lilith got her powers only she had the benefit of spending a few years to train her mentor. Maya likely new her time was coming.

As for Tanis, well she would be perfect. She thinks of her items as living beings. She did have that nasty break up with her recorder, and the tragic loss of her chair boyfriend. But I’d say she is perfect for the tech siren because we’ll, she loves tech and sirens to the exclusion of everything else.

Now again, that was all theory until they changed it with the sirens being able to pass on their powers thing. Mikey Nuemann was lead creative up until 2017 so it’s likely he is all in on these changes.

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But she studied Angels machine way after Angel died. To me, once the siren died the power would instantly find a new host. And are you telling me that no one touched the machine until Tannis came along?

It’s a common complaint I have with 3. Everything just conveniently happens for the sake of the story. The story is so central around Ava, Lilith and Tannis to the point the main character is disregarded : especially strange if you play Amara.

Nyriads logs were a nice addition. But at the same time, I feel like a lot of what’s said is just to excuse their decisions in the story.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens to Liliths powers - they’ll go to someone we already know because she said so.

I loved the mystery around sirens and yes sone of it was eventually going to be taken away when the story unfolded. But it just felt unsatisfying in the way it was done.

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I feel like they made Tannis a siren to keep up with the ‘hey all our females are badass!’

Tannis was such a unique and memorable character and I loved that she was an important part of the story without needing alien super powers to do so. She had her intelligence and quirky traits. She could have still impacted the story without needing to make her a siren.

I always thought it would have been cool if she had been an ancient Eridian who had been behind the scenes guiding them on a path to stop the inevitable war - hence why she found it hard to connect with other people and preferred the company of Non-sentient objects. There was even an Easter egg in another game saying ‘don’t trust Tannis’ that had people going crazy for a bit.

the room where the informations Angel left was closed off, we opened that room for the first fime after her death and we gave the datas to Tannis.

Uhm…i don’t think so. in the end of the game they preatty mutch said that Lilith is not dead.
Probably se changed? gone mad? could be. but dead? no.

i’m sorry you feel that way…
imho i like the way the story is going with the sirens

When Angel died, Tanis became a siren. We were not there when it happened, and her knowing about sirens, the vaults, and how they are exploited she kept a lid on it until she could talk to Lilith & Maya about it and she got a hold of her new abilities. We were a little busy trying to save Lilith during the game.

The tech was Angels way to prepare her successor is all, and a way to once and for all clear up what happened to Angels mom.

But again if she did get her powers as Angel died, she’d either have to have been in contact with Angel or she was randomly picked out of the entire universe to have the power.

I’m fine with the concept of sirens passing their powers when they know their time is coming. And I’m even fine with them being able to decide whom to pass it to.

It doesn’t excuse the fact that this feels more done to make the story about Tannis, Ava and Lilith with them being essentially the heroes (only Balex really thanks the vault hunter for saving the world. Thanks Balex).

Tannis was a strong enough character to not need those powers to be relevant. In fact, I’d have liked it more if it was Ava who had gotten those powers randomly when Angel died. Hence why Maya took her on as her apprentice and we see her struggle with her powers until closer to the end where she uses them to aide us.


You know, for a minute, I felt the same way. I thought Tanis might be the watcher or the watcher working for her. Oh and it just said Tanis is not what she seems, not don’t trust her.

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That was the quote. Sorry it’s been a while since I last heard about it so couldn’t remember the exact words :smiley:

Again - for me - it just made Tannis really interesting for me and unique. And for me personally, her becoming a siren just dulled her.

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