What about flak?

With the new hotfix the anointed perks got a buff like Zane’s sntnl Now doing 100% damage while active so my question is why didn’t the gamma burst anoint get buffed with it being flak’s most lacking action skill? also a nova on fadeaway seems kinda bad why would you be that close to an enemy with flak in the first place.


It’s pretty bull crap how they continue to ignore Gamma Burst. It only has one weapon Anointment to begin with. Which in itself says somthing.

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They want everyone using Rakk Fl4k, duh,… (sarcasm)

Could be they want to fix the part with “extra stack rakk” causeing ASE anointments to proc during gamma?


Apparently swapping to a weapon that has “gain extra stack of rakk attack” is causeing the ASE anointments on shields and grenades to proc, so you get the 65% rad + 50% ___ + 50% ___

I feel like FL4K is going to end up like Diablo 3’s barbarian. We’ll have great build diversity and always have a spot in teams, but some of our builds are just always going to be ignored by the devs.

I guess Gamma Burst is Whirlwind Bard. Yea…


I’d still put gamma above rakk attack since that 20% damage increase and disco ball healing is better than rakks dps and healing. You can fake cast the GB then trigger it for higher dps than rakks for a few seconds which is enough time to clear a room or group. Even without shield/nade anoints it does great dps, still better than minesweeper moze. I just dont get that fl4ks useless anoints cept for nova were untouched. Attack command lifesteal, accuracy after fadeaway, movement speed. Nova makes me feel like someone wants fl4k to be lilith but a ■■■■ version


The nova is fun as hell.
I have a berner with that anointment and it was so great to have all those novas, really more of a gimmick though that build couldn’t handle the takedown.

I’ve never seen these gammaburst builds push out higher dps than my rakk builds they must hold back in matchmaking. Either I gamma wrong or you rakk wrong, and I’ve never had issues with either.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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…my Gamma Fl4k is my preferred Fl4k. It’s a survival build. It’s not supposed to “out dps” Rakk build. That’s a freaking warlock/witch. Super glass cannon.

Under proper circumstances, I can go almost untouched with a Gamma build.


Rakk boost is nice but 100 ase weapon damage is just better unless you are in multiplayer and you can trigger them with fake casting and then trigger gamma for 20% damage making you deal more than rakk build for a few seconds.

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It can deal more with the same weapon for a shorter time with more work and less chances…ok now I get it.
The enemies damaged by rakk attack take more damage anointment will still outperform that exploit.

Ya, Rakks can trigger the same Anointments far more readily. I like Gamma Burst builds, but damage wise 65% is nothing compared to the Anointment stacking up time of Rakks. Fake casting GB to stack Anointments is what Rakks can do every cast.

It’s not about out DPS Rakks, it’s about keeping up. With the buffs to the other Anointments it’s now the worst of its kind. By a good margin.

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Even the buff to the Rakk anointment is incredibly underwhelming. 50% critical damage really makes no sense. Critical damage boosts should always be bigger than weapon damage boosts, because to benefit off them, you actually have to score a critical hit. It should really be 100-150%.

And the boost to Fl4k’s nova after F4de Away anointment just feels incredibly half-hearted - not sure why they felt anyone would even use the anointment like ever.

Gamma Burst anointment is another one that feels like it needs to be alot bigger. Radiation is a pretty neutral element, and is heavily resisted by armor. Not sure why GB didn’t just buff it to 100% along with Zane’s anointment.

Overall, I feel Fl4k really got the short end of the stick anointment wise. F4de Away in particular really needs an anointment to buff its power, because right now everyone is just using it as a vehicle to trigger anointments (and is a large reason why GiTM is basically useless at M4).


If your talking about the Red Fang Build it’s far from the level of strength or survivability it should be at. Iv spent hours testing Red Fang builds and while it is pretty much FL4Ks best survivability build it’s far from the level of survivable the other 3 VHs have or can obtain. Red Fangs Taunt is far from perfect and seems to have a minimum radius around your pet. There are also rare occasions where enemies close to your pet who will still attack you.

Then the CD still has a small gap between casts which can outright cripple on some occasions. This can be mitigated via paying close attention to your action skill timer but it can still be an issue at times.
Even with maxed eager to impress and 60% addition base CDR and Topped off your waiting a few seconds on your next Gamma burst. Longer if you don’t have Topped off. If your pet dose go down down in this time frame your cycle is now broken.

Definitely a viable and usable build I just think its counterparts survivability builds on Zane, Amara, and Moze are a good bit more powerful.

I would like to see them maybe buff the damage while Gamma burst is up augment or give the Master Tree some life steal in the later tiers.

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Another problem I see with FL4K is his reliance on Health regen. Unlike Amara, Moze and Zane FL4K has no passive skill that gives him healing that is not Health regen. If FL4K is on M3 and get the Health Regen down modifier he is SOL.

His only Skill that offers any kind of non regen healing is an Augment for Rakk attack that gives you a flat 7% when Rakks deal damage. Even worse is the Healing isn’t instantaneous. The dang Rakks need to fly back towards you before you get it.
This farther pushes the idea that he needs to use something like the Life Steal Anointments to be competitive on M3 and M4.
I think in some cases GBX messed up what Anointments should have been.


Gamma does need its anointment boosted, but do yourself a favor and don’t use Green Tree for Gamma.

Use Megavore + Headcount paired with a Brainstormer/Maggie/Similars. Current meta Gamma builds have all went away from Green Tree (well, even on MH3 they already had). You get downright instant cooldowns, great damage and can literally make Wotan (and everything else) ignore you. And there’s no need at all to run Burst Aid with it, that ends up being more detrimental than it looks beneficial. Gamma in its current state already makes the whole game a cakewalk, it is only held back by anointments (unless you whiff cast it, but i don’t personally like to do that).

The best FL4K “sustain” on MH4 is sadly Otto Idol and some regen (or lifesteal with setups that can trigger it) for bosses. Otto Idol is plenty for mobbing if your build + anointments are good.

Rakk Heal should be instant and probably a % of Rakk Damage instead of your Maximum Health. That would help immensely.


I agree it seems lik GB have something against fl4k. Ive played as a fade away fl4k from release, and from the very first nerf to the fade away duration nothing has really changed with him and since M4 he has turned into a real glass canon. I’ve played as a fade away style character in all the game bar pre sequel so I’m use to the challenge. I thought zero was glassy well fl4k is another level. So farming for lifesteal item atm while the drop rates are up. I hope the do something about it with some new anointments or the new skill tree when ever they bring them in

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