What about rebirth

So, I recognized two things
First, it seems to be refreshing to start a new character from time to time and be able to use white, green and blue guns again and being away from the power creep for at least some time.
But also that it’s hard to…really complete the game with multiple characters because it’s actually always the same quests, same challenges (those radio tower omg) and I think there is a reason that “GBX found that most people are only playing one character”. I am already stressed, having to immediately play the story a second time to really enter “endgame”.

So what it we could set back our existing character, independently of the story (which can be reset at will anyway) and be able to level up and gear up again with our main, without trashing our start menue with alts that basically all become copies of already existing VHs.

There could be a little reward for doing so. I don’t really know which one.

But I think it would he more fun to me, just going trough different maps again, seeing my character grow (in normal I guess). I don’t know if it would work in true mode. Can the level adjust itself to 1 in TVHM?

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This could be a cool feature. To run through the game on a “new” playthrough with proper level scaling.

I think it could be worked into an extra option when resetting missions. Have a second True reset option that restarts the game at level one on TVHM. Missions and enemies would scale level with you instead of being predetermined by area.

Well I think it should he outside of resetting the story
I want to relevel my character while keeping my map and story progress :smiley: