What about this gate

I always expected to visit the crashed Helios ship in BL3, especially since they introduced it in the BL2 DLC. Was disappointed we didn’t get to go back.

Do you think that’s where these gates will lead, in a DLC?

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I expect DLC to be on new planets actually. I suppose they could have us revisit it in BL3 if they made the maps smartly. But it’s also probably rather hard to bring old maps over to BL3. Most likely would have to be redesigned from the ground up or ran through a converter or something.

I mean, we were introduced to it and went there in Tales. Not much to do there since it was ground zero for Vaughn’s first “bandit” clan. They probably stripped it of everything interesting since they were all Hyperion and probably knew all the ins and outs of the station. If we do get DLC concerning it they’ll probably try to bring back some of the old BL2 Handsome Jack magic… probably won’t go over well either.

I really hope dlc isnt new planets. I would rather see the ones we halve get flessed out. So many empty areas, not many locations. I was hoping all the planets would have alot more areas like bl2. Especially pandora, that is our main planet from bl1.
I also hope for at least 2 new vault hunters. Eventually i will max the 4 halve.

I’ve often thought that but it just got released, plus i haven’t explored every area. Just thought now not complaining.

Im not complaining, i am loving the game. Cant wait for it to get better with dcls and such. Im sure it will turn out awesome, rough start aside.

Hmm, OK. I haven’t played or watched through the telltale game, so I guess maybe this area has been saturated. If that’s the case, then I can accept that there wouldn’t be any new content here.

Like I’ve said in another post, I’d love to see more of Athenas in a DLC…