What about "true mayhem"?

I gave that one up
They are all about mayhem


GBX gave us modifiers.
We don’t want them because at least the half of them aren’t working properly.
Then we’re asking for disable them or make them chooseable to avoid broken modifiers.
GBX give us M11 and don’t care about M9 and below players…

I mean I’m glad that M11 is coming because I only play M10 but what’s with the other players?
GBX is just not capable of give all players what they want.

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they will probably monitor traffic between m10 and m11 and act upon lower mayhems accordingly. thankfully traffic difference is such that they will finally drop this idea of modifiers

yea, but actually i have to play non mayhem to show them what my problem is :x

Lol, I actually remember back in the Mayhem 3/4 days. There were people on here asking for wacky modifiers. The floor is lava was specifically mentioned.


yea, i remember it was mentioned on reddit or something?

what do you know some people are dumb. having a spiderant spawn on athenas is mayhem having a nog spawn in slaughter shaft is mayhem. spinners and cryo novas are annoyance

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Honestly, at this point with how much they’ve botched Mayhem Mode, I’d rather they just make a resettable UVHM thats the same difficulty and loot/exp as original Mayhem4 and no modifiers. Just the straight up game. I’d stick to that and be happy. I was happy with original M4 difficulty.

I can play any level of Mayhem, but they are all gear dependent, and now have different levels of gear for each level of Mayhem. This means I gotta collect gear for any and every level I want to play on a given day, as they will be OP or UP depending on situation. I feel like Mayhem wasn’t thought through very well.

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Twas this thread.

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We definitely need to go to 11…

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I wouldn’t need 11
Its better than what we currently have with 1-10
I just mean moving forwards in regards to less stupid stuff and more serious difficulty

I agree. I was just having a little fun with the reference to going to “11” in the Spinal Tap movie.

“listen to the players, but not those players” is exactly why developers get criticised for ultimately not listening to the players :wink:


developers get criticised for ■■■■■■ decisions they make


exactly what they’ve done every time.

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except with mayhem 2.0 they added something people hate even more XDDDDDDDDDDDD


but when you said true mayhem I thought you were about to say the same as an idea i had a while back.

Since True takedown mode is just take down scaled up to 4 people.
I thought the same thing for normal game would be cool.
I’d call it hard mode, since we have normal and easy mode now, on top of the other stuff.

My idea was it would start at 4, for solo play, and then scale up to 8, If we could actually get 4 people in matches.

But I thought that would be pretty cool, would boost everything like mayhem does too but better, it would boost experience, world drops, but also dedicated drops.

hmm that would probably still be fun though, and make mayhem actually challenging by giving enemies just enough extra damage to be a challenge.

I haven’t plaid in forever so i have no idea how difficult managing the enemy health boost from multiple players would be now, but it would just be the same as soloing the true takedown on whatever mayhem level you use.

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guess the logic there is we can only scream about 1 thing at a time.

yea, with “true” i mean more like “original”, “without unnecessary stuff”

As long as it has the decreased drop rates across the board like mayhem 11 sure. The insane drops are a reward for dealing with the death skulls and whatnot after all. If you don’t wanna deal with it you can turn off mayhem all together or with your suggestion just switch to a less rewarding mayhem…