What after lvl 72?

hi, my girlfriend and i are playing bl2 lan and are now in tvhm. ive just read that the raidbosses dont drop seraph until the uvhm. so i was wondering when u played to level 72 and farm some of those raid bosses to get nice weapons and seraph. what do you do after you reach level 72 and got the most badass weapons? is there another playthrouh or do you just run around randomly killing some raidbosses and spiderants? or is there another playthrough after uvhm?

thanks for the help

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There’s another journey called OP levels, if you enjoy challenging yourself, go for it!

You can also reset your playthrough in UVHM as many times as you want. Just select your character, then select the reset option (on the PC it’s “Q”, I don’t know about XBox or PS though).


nice. thanks man.

Digistruct peak is the key to that.

At max level here are the further activities you can consider:

you can reset your playthrough, farm bosses for great loot, max things that cost eridium, hunt badass rank challenges, hunt achievements, look for vault symbols or other map specific features, prestige your badass rank, respec to try different strategies, try to obtain legendaries, etc…

probably many things I’m missing

OP levels, pearl hunting and etc

yeah. for me thats no proplem, but my gf was bitchin around because she likes a story to play and not just farm randomly raidbosses. im pretty happy that you can play it again and again so she stopp bitchin and continous to play with me that i dont have to play alone :smiley:

If and when you decide to do the OP levels, doing a complete OP8 playthrough was one of the most satisfying Borderlands experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve almost finished up all the sidequests with Maya (handful in Hammerlock’s DLC, and I think I actually still have to take down the Badassasaurus in Torgue), and I’m doing another one with Axton now. Highly, highly recommended.


Hey sorry maybe I missed something :neutral_face: : isn’t UVHM limit up to 61 ? I have 2 characters that have reached the limit in UVHM and they’re both 61…

There are 2 UVHM upgrade packs, each which add another 11 levels, by the sounds of it you only have one installed. There are other things that these packs add as well such as pearls, new coms and digistruct peak.

Is Digistruck peak the one adding from 61 to 72 ? I thought it would only add 61 op1 to 61 op8. But by the look of it it adds 61 to 72 then 71 op1 to 72 op 8 is that like this that it works ?

Digistruct peak was the second pack released and therefore for many people it gave them the second lot of 11 additional levels allowing up to level 72 and access to OP levels. If however you never installed the first but did get the digistruct pack, then you would only have a level cap of 61 which is one lot of 11 levels. Then at 61 (and any level prior) you can complete the first digistruct run but you will not be rewarded with an OP level, these will only come at level 72. So essentially you can run the first level unlimited amount of times up to the assassins for experience but never progress further until you install the first pack enabling the next 11 levels.

Bit convoluted but hope it makes sense.

The Season Pass included the first Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack, which raised the level from 50 to 61. Digistruct Peak included the second, which raised it to 72 and gave us the OP levels. I think the original upgrade pack is available as a separate download depending upon your platform, but don’t quote me on that. :wink:

Yes I have the season pass, this is how I can get to 61. I didn’t get digistruck yet. so yeah Digistruck will add 11 more lvl and then op 1 to op 8 after that.

Thanks all :smiley: !

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Yep. You’ll need to complete the DP mission for each OP level after OP 0 (72), though. But if you like challenges, the OP levels are where they’re at…

Nearly every area has easter eggs and ECHO recorders too (check the area specific challenges). Backstory and plenty of things to shoot along the way.

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Oh wait I have a few more questions please :slight_smile: !

So I’m currently lvl 61 with a couple characters, and lvl 50 and 57 with 2 others that I plan to bring to lvl 61 as well. Also do note I’m not a specifically very good at the game, just average, with my own builds, I don’t have any weapon that come from raid bosses since I can’t solo them, except one lvl 61 Florentine That I got by trading last year : so no norfleet, no using broken build to kill raid bosses solo in a few seconds. That’s not me :blush: : I do die lots on regular bosses already ha ha ! So yeah i don’t have seraph crystals, never had any…

  1. lvl 61 to 72 is re-doing the whole story right ? and that can be done solo ?

  2. then at lvl 72 it opens digistruck peak raid and this one has to be done in a group, can’t be done solo ?

  3. I’m guessing that before doing the jump from 61 and starting the story again my characters need to have good gear (lvl 61 class/build specific red-texts, a few oranges, a few nice purples, etc…) so there is a little tuning work/adventuring/farming to do before installing the dlc ?

  4. how does the scaling work with UVHM 2 ? Still the same sauce : nothing scales until you’ve killed the warrior ? So don’t do the missions for Rubi, Heartbreaker, etc… until you’re lvl 72 and have killed the warrior ?

  1. It’s just leveling up from 61 to 72, you do not need to do the story again unless you’re just starting UVHM.
  2. Yes and no: yes it opens up the OP levels and no you don’t need a group. You can attempt it solo, but it’s more difficult.
  3. Purple and unique gear will work just fine until the OP levels depending upon your build. I’d ask in the characters subforums if you need specific help.
  4. Enemies and quests scale to your level, you do not need to kill the warrior first. You’ll need to reset UVHM if you want another Rubi/Heartbreaker after you’ve turned those two missions in.

Oh ok, so there is no UVHM2 on the menu then ? Like for me it would be I’m lvl 61 and now I can lvl to 72 in the same UVHM I was in ? So I can go fight each and every bosses, be it king mong or the warrior or Captain flynt or whatever to lvl to 72 ? And then if I need lvl 72 versions of quests reward I just reset when I reach lvl 72 then ? and then I can reset again at OP 8 to get say a heartbreaker OP 8 as well ?

Yep. The OP levels are just UVHM with increased levels for your enemies (73-80, though some can go up to the 90s). You can reset your UVHM playthrough at any time by selecting your character, then choosing the reset option. You’ll start each new playthrough outside of Liar’s Berg in the Cleaning up the Berg mission. Once you reach the Fast Travel station, you can start any of the DLCs/HH packs you have loaded.