What all has been fixed in the remastered edition?

I’m curious as to what changes they made to weapons that were either glitched or spawned with multiple effects (hybrids). Did they fix the weapons like the Reaper and Bitch where the special effect didn’t work? Does the Vengance still only work if you spawn with it? And a big question is if the uniques that could spawn with legendary parts still show up?

I know that the Draco has its proper name now and I heard that the Penetrator got its legendary rarity, but I also saw that the Maliwan Crux still has that name instead of being called the Plague like I believe it was supposed to be called. I think some have been fixed while others may have been left alone.

I’ve got a bit of a log over here.

I need to update a few things on the OP, but I have most of the changes you mentioned in some way.

We’ve seen Reaver/Penetrators, Kyros/Cyclops, and I think an Ajax/Ogre so far in the loot threads. I feel safe in assuming they didn’t change any of the hybrids.