What am I doing wrong when farming the raid? (no rant)

Hi all,

I am a Zane Player and I am just wondering what I am doing wrong in the raid that I don’t get any raid loot.

It takes me around 70-90min for Mayhem 4 (solo) to finish the raid.

No glitches are being used.

  • I believe the first boss (Prototype) never drops Raid gear.
  • The Valkyrie Squad sometimes NEVER drops a single Legendary and if yes, it only drops normal - gear (Seriously, how many Woodblockers do you need?).
  • When at Wotan, I believe I kill him normally.
    1st phase I ignore mobs and go for shield (cutsman corrosive)
    2nd phase I still ignore mobs and go for cycling shield (still same cutsman used)
    3rd phase Wotan starts jumpin around; I still ignore mobs and go for Wotan
    4th phase Wotan has 2 shields. I go inside with my shield and take down the shield then I jump on platforms and take down the other shield by attacking wotan from the top.
    5th phase I tried 2 things. Kill flying “head” first and then kill body; or kill body first --> wotan brain --> flying head; or body --> head --> wotan brain.

No matter what I do, I never get the raid gear.

I recently tried Mayhem 3, solo (and sometimes with 2 other friends). There I kinda got “lucky” with a Moonfire and the Kyb over around 20 raids.
In Mayhem 3, Wotan kinda gets bursted down in each of his phases because cutsman is doing sick dmg.

Is this bad drop rate normal or am I just doing something wrong here?

It pains me to do Mayhem 4 solo and get nothing at the end. :frowning:


Unfortunately it’s RNG and it’s geared against the raid gear for some ungodly reason. I run with a team a lot, and we very rarely get the Takedown gear. Doesn’t help, but if it’s any consultation you’re not alone in this


TVHM M4 loot drops needs some work, because it’s BIG mess.
98% of loot that you get in M4 is HARD pass.
You can’t use that loot on M4.
So you are not doing anything wrong, M4 loot needs work.


I honestly don’t know if this paranoia or not, but Moxsy on his padcast told that it is a bit “fishy” that Seein Dead COM dropped with paid DLC. Same goes with other content on the Jackpot, which has high drop rates (at least on M4).

It MIGHT (not “is”, just “might be”) be that better drop rates and loot are incentivization to buy DLC.

In the end GBX/2K are a business and Takedown is for people, with less willingness to pay extra.

Despite his specific style, I would like to hear Jim “dude that has hard on Randy Pitchford” Sterling’s opinion about this :-Dd

× “hard thing” is /jk
× Moxsy’s podcast was posted on 2020.01.06


same fo me:(((

this makes me feel “better”… Thanks for the reply

I’m not 100% sure but I think I got 1 of my Redistributors from the Prototype. When killing the Prototype, Wotan, and his Mini-me’s, make sure to shoot your Cutsman through the legs upon killing them. The legs explode revealing more loot. Everything ends up being in a big pile so I can’t say for sure where exactly the raid gear drops from, the main body, the legs, the brain, or all of it. Maybe someone has a slow motion video of the loot flying out. I have for certain gotten the O.m shields from the Valkyries. Not sure if they drop everything else or not.

I’ve run the raid probably around 150 times. I’ve found countless Tigg’s Booms. Lots of O.m shields. Five Redistributors. A handful of the classmods. None of any of the other guns.

Edit…I forgot about the Moonfire. Found several of those as well.

so I guess I keep farming the raid, casually. With 150 runs I really expect a ton more loots that what you’ve mentioned. :frowning: this makes me sad.

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I’m no expert on this but I’ve only run the TD about 20 times on M0 and M1 and in that time I’ve gotten 2 Redistributors, 3 Kyb’s (1 anointed), a Moonfire and two 0.m shields. I’ve never seen a Tiggs. Anyway, kudos to you for doing the raid solo on M4.


About 70 Wotan kills on M4 here. Had at least 6 Redistributors and about 5 Kybs. NOT A SINGLE anointed one. Not even terrible slide anointment or anything. Did get anointed Moonfire, Tygs Boon, but I dont like those guns at all. The dedicated droprates in base game are horrendous.

Jackpot DLC drops stuff left and right and is very generous. Base game? Horrible. I dont even know if I should continue farming Wotan. Doing a 10-15min run ~70 times and not getting a single anointed Redistributor is quite crazy. Even a badly rolled one. Even if I get one now, the eventual level increase will make it redundant.

EDIT : 3 run later after complaining here, RNGesus heard me and gave my my first anointed Kybs. +120 splash dmg after exiting IB (I was playing as Zane). So thats that…

I’m a new BL3 player, and I have to ask… can do we raids in BL3 now? Like in a MMO?

If so that sounds amazing!

Yes but currently there is only 1 Raid available with more to come in future DLC’s.

Xbox, I’ve done the raid about ~20 times on m1-m3 and ~50 or so m4. 0.m, Tigg’s Boom, moonfire, snowshoe have been the primary drops for me. I’ve gotten 2 non-annointed redistributors (shock, cryo), 1 non-annointed Tankman’s, and 1 anointed redistributor (increased accuracy and handling… lol). All of my redistributors dropped on m2.