What am I doing wrong with Security Bear?

So it takes 5 seconds from the moment you click action skill until the Security Bear bubble shield pops up, which is annoying to begin with but it makes sense by the description I guess.

Why does it sometimes not pop up? Is it a bug or does taking hits while you’re still immune disable it? If the latter is the case; Why does it sometimes work when I’m taking heavy damage? But in the video below I maybe took a single hit right when it was about to proc and it just didn’t show up at all.

Here’s another example when everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

  • Step 1, extended black screen when entering, weird.
  • Step 2, security bear hibernating.
  • Step 3, ridiculous smash to my face before I can even move. Ignores my health gate too apparently? Extra projectile modifier maybe?

And lastly here’s another one (these are all tonight within uploading time). This one just takes forever to appear but finally does. I thought maybe dots are preventing it? Nope I have dots on me when it finally pops up.

I also don’t feel like the skill gets 50% of your armor health. Since they changed the immunity on exit (which is ridiculous to be vulnerable for a second or 2 during an animation) I have been trying to use Security Bear to protect me for literally 2 seconds. Very often the shield is broken before the exit animation is complete.

It works a little bit better beefing Iron Bear’s armor up to +130k but I still have it break instantly sometimes. Other times it lasts the entire autobear duration taking fire from every direction.

What am I doing wrong with this skill, it absolutely never works consistently no matter what I try to do.

I’d also like to mention that if you have corrosive dots on Moze when you jump in, the gross bubbling mess that blocks your view outlasts the immunity phase of Iron Bear and continues going for the full corrosive dot duration.

Blocks your view for 8 seconds or whatever it is and you just sit there hoping you can proc Vampyr by shooting blindly. WHY? At least the fire one is shorter…

I’m just annoyed right now.


Are you putting points into Vladof Ingenuity? The shock resist seems to carry over. Otherwise both shock and rad damage will delete it pretty quick.

That said, it probably just drops out like MoD and the rest of Mozes skills…

Also, have you jumped into IB while last stand is going? The bubble shield blocks your view too. It’s definitely a bug the dots obscuring view. Rubbish.

That could be interesting. Never thought of trying that, though it’s 5 points I almost never have left over for a skill just to help sustain an awful shield haha.

Shock and Rad definitely deplete it instantly no matter what size it is, but it happens all the time to me and it isn’t always those elements.

This is my guess. There’s no reason it shouldn’t have popped up in that video at all. It just didn’t work. That happens to me probably 1 out of every 5 or 6 times.

Yeah the visual obstructions were introduced in October I think? Maybe November. Be nice for that to go away but it’s been so long now I’m not sure if it was intentional or not.

Jump into dakka when it’s happening. Definitely not intentional.

I just decided to try a build without Vampyr, means of destruction or security bear. The latter 2 skills are not working at all hardly since the hotfix today. For me anyway.

Edit: not sure how anyone can play her without MoD haha. Awful time so far.

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Might as well use selfless vengeance with all that plebeian reloading you’ll be doing…

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I instantly went back to dealing with the headache of MoD hardly working. I don’t want to build around large shields and taking cover when I’m trying to farm this dummy.

You could farm for a last stand loaded dice with health regen, a com with health regen, and a brawler ward anointed with 5% health regen on ASE. Then spec to Tenacious Defense? No need of a bubble shield ever again. You’d be unlucky to ever die.

Edit: never kill anything again either, probably.


Either way…for td to proc the shield has to be filled, lowering health with loaded dice brings IB’s health down too; this is not like borderlands 2 with a lower level hoplite to give one 2hp and live forever on healthgate…(not gaige mind you).
But @ the topic. What your doing wrong is spending that point on security bear :stuck_out_tongue:


I know right!

Everyone else does it so after hating on it for so long I decided to really give it a try over the last month and it just drives me crazy.

Can anyone explain the instant death in video 2? That whole dying right out of IB could be its own topic. That’s more of an issue to me than security bear being dumb.

I don’t always get one shotted like that, but I almost always get health gated and have to whip grenades and run.

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can we also talk about the inconsistency with exiting IB wherein sometimes you’ll randomly be fully exited and others it will take several seconds? I just need the consistency of one way or another in order to plan my fights in the first place.

On Topic: I have mixed feels about security bear. I’ve almost always spent the 1 point in it, but it’s inconsistent enough that I literally never know if I was helped by it or not. Not to mention that most of the time you’re still taking armor damage with it out, so what’s it even doing exactly?



Yeah, like is it only reducing damage taken? There’s plenty of times I’m able to have it out against trash mobs and I’m on foot and all damage is blocked. But then other times I get hit through the shield.

I wish it just had a quick recharge delay and charged like a regular shield. There’s no reason it should be as bad as it is.

I also wish enemies could run across the map and melee by the time I press exit iron bear and my feet get on the ground. So many times I try to get out safely and an enemy is punching me in the face.

It’s like the only way to use Iron Bear safely is from a long distance and run away like crazy when you need to exit.

There’s def a lot of risk involved in a bad exit…Yesterday, I tried to jump into wotan’s shield to do direct dmg while i exited, then back out right when the exit animation started, but mis-timed and ended up exiting inside Wotan. Needless to say, it didnt work too well for me or IB.

But yeah, i really hope the next patch does several quality of life improvements to our big hulking friend. We need him to be the huggable super tank we’ve always dreamt him to be.


Agreed. I don’t have my hopes too high because there’s a difference between on paper fixes and actually playing her. We’ll see I guess.

They absolutely need to fix the vulnerability during exit animation, bump it to 3 seconds of not taking damage from the moment you exit. I’m finding it hard to even make proccing ASE anointments.

Also the dots covering your screen on entry is obnoxious.

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There’s probably a super-secret IB build out there without Vampyr that’s wrecking M4 Takedown right now that I don’t know about, but I’ve simply stopped believing that IB (and Moze) is fine without Vampyr.

edit: If they ever plan to give Moze a sustain alternative that can keep up or do better than Vampyr, I hope it is IB based, because I think it makes sense to the VH concept.


fell off a cliff from this once. so annoying!

yeah, sometimes i’ll experiment with another build, get aggressive with new DPS on IB who suddenly dies because none of my damage matters and i’m dead, and now I have nothing, just like real life, and my student loan comes up due, but I dont have the money, so I make a payment for IB’s latest augment on my credit card, then eat ramen for dinner instead of getting the veggies, and call mom and cry on the phone for two hours and ask myself why i ever left for pandora. She listens because she loves me, but secretly, she wishes i’d just spec back into vampyr. It’s so hard to give in, but I know eventually i’ll have to do it. That’s what is demanded of me in this society


Yeah and it’s kinda sad that melee based annoints, bonuses and procs from gear don’t even work on IB melee weapons. I mean, designers came up with melee weapons for IB, surely an IB based, melee build Moze that can keep up in sustain and damage would have been on their minds, you’d think, but it almost feels like the melee IB was an afterthought.

It would be a dream seeing folks discuss something like a “Iron Bear melee Moze for M4 Takedown” topic, because you know GBX would have somehow nailed diversity, then. Maybe someday.


I want this.



Just wait til the drinking problem, divorce, and custody battles.

Be smart, just spec into Vampyr and be like everyone else.

It’s pretty shocking how useless melee augments are on IB. Maybe they had plans to make Auto Bear capable of moving and scrapped the idea in August.

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I been sad about Melee Bear for a long time :frowning: :cry: :sob:

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