What am I doing wrong!?!?!

I play Incursion. I kill the enemy bots, I hire mercs, I build defenses, I push with my team and I get the lowest score. I’m getting damn tired of doing everything I should to help my team and getting a score of 4 when then next closest player has a score of 20.

Honest advice: Pick a character, play Story mode in private, any map, focus on staying alive and damage.
See what works best for you.

I started with classes like Montana and learned a lot by dying.
Moved up to Thorn and love it, stay alive, have fun.

The only two things factored into the score right now are kills and assists. Honestly, I’d ignore it until such time as they include more things.

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If your only getting a score that low then you simply arnt doing everything you need to. You would get a score of that much by doing nothing but picking up shards.

Don’t worry at all about the ‘Score’.

Score is calculated the following way: Kills = 2 points. Assists = 1 point

That’s it.

And it’s a problem.

Jythri has already indicated that they are looking into a better way to calculate score so that it will have some sort of viable meaning.

So yeah, don’t worry at all. Continue to collect those shards, build those buildables, clear minions, and hire mercs. You’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to.

And I guarantee that once they change how the scores are calculated, you’ll see your efforts rewarded with a higher score at the end.

Also, Jythri confirmed that the score does not at all impact how much Command Rank or Character XP you get at the end…so yeah, it’s not important right now because it doesn’t factor in the most important parts of the match.

So don’t sweat it.

buying turrets helps you level, hitting minions gets you XP, hiring mercs gets you XP, but points all come from assists and kills, so if you’re scoring that low, then you’re not getting your shots on enough people.

If you’re a support you should be pulling assists by just supporting your teammates, if you’re damage then you need to actually hit the enemy to get them, so get your hits in.

Pay attention to your minimap, and get damage on anyone in a fight that you can.

Playing smart, what’s wrong with you? I can’t believe you aren’t worried only about kilts of course you won’t get score with that attitude

Kills and assists are the only stats that contribute to score. Marquis is excellent at lane defense and clearing minions, his primary role isn’t necessarily to kill everyone on the enemy team but to push them back and prevent their advance.

To the OP: If you’re playing the objective and winning then DW about score, just keep winning :slight_smile:

Yeah my mistake could have sworn i read on here somewhere it all contributes.

Okay thanks for the replies. I thought I was doing the right thing. I’ll continue just helping the team til the scoring gets fixed.

According to the developers K/D isn’t a main factor in matchmaking either. It’s more of a win loss and who you won against and lost against.