What am I doing wrong?

Hello, I am a new player to Battleborn and have no idea what to do. I got the game a few days ago, and I played a bit of the story mode, which was fun. However, I wanted to try my luck at the PvP. So I got into a few matches and tried out a couple of characters. The first issue I ran into was that no matter how many times I shot an enemy, they always killed me. It didn’t matter who they played as. I kept at it and tried harder, using my skills and trying to level up, but they enemy team kept following me, and I couln’t stop them. Needless to say my team lost every round, and I was felt upset feeling like it was my fault. I want to get better, to feel like I am contributing to my team, but when I’m level 3 going up against someone who is level 14 it’s a bit difficult to do so. I have no idea what to do and am hoping I could get some advice on how to let’s say not suck and be a decent part of the game. Please help out a noob.

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This is a good guide you should check out. Gives a lot of tips.

If you have anymore questions just ask. The community here would be more than happy to help.

Edit: Credit goes to @V0LUM3 for the guide.


What game modes where you playing?

I was playing in Incursion and Capture.

The other team is likely noticing early that you are not playing the “role” or your character and probably you are “diving” too deep in their end.

Once you’ve been marked as a player that is “over extending” or a “noob”, the other other team will hunt you down as easy XP.

Few characters can take on more than 1 opponnent at a time.

The game isn’t a team death match, its a strategy. Lots of good coordination, communication is key. If you are not communicating, then playing the role of your character is wise.

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One important thing in Incursion at least is building turrets/robots with your shards, as well as subduing thrall and killing enemy minions.

Don’t push forward too fast and look at the minimap so you can check nothing is heading straight for your sentry.

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I always tried to team up my the others, I even managed to get a couple of kills, but you are probably right since the enemy team always went for me, even when I was grouped up.

Capture maps, folks can gang up on you real quick and they will look for that.

Incursion and Meltdown are more team orriented.

Some characters do better in different modes.

Whiskey Foxtrot is a real challenge for most people in capture, but he can be a real beast in late game incursion.

Oscar Mike is really good right off the bat in Incursion, Meltdown.

I joined a clan and they taught me a lot, about MOBAs and FPS coops.

Now I can go into PvP without sucking.

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I will remember to do that and do my best at making sure my team has turrets. Thank you =)

I just have a few characters so I will try my best to see which character is better for the game modes I choose. I might stick with Oscar Mike until I get good because I would like to not suck as well :slight_smile:

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Oscar Mike is super good man; and he’s one of the easier characters to get the hang of.

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He did seem a bit easier to use then the others. I tried out the robo sniper, Marquis I think his name was, and wasn’t really doing much good. There was another character I tried, weird crazy girl, I had no clue what to do. :sweat_smile:

Lol. Yeah you’ll get the hang of it. The characters are pretty much all good once you get the hang of the mechanics in the game and in the characters. Oscar Mike says some really funny stuff too.

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I noticed that, he’s pretty cool. Marquis didn’t seem to say much when I played him. And the one crazy girl is just wow lol

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Number one tip to surviving… Never stop moving. Ever.

As an attacker I can quickly pick out my first target for the rest of the game just based on how well they are juking/moving.


Even if I play as a sniper? Just keep moving and shooting?

Hey just going to give a quick list of general pointers then some Oscar Mike specific ones since you expressed interest in him.


  1. Be aware of map and allies. The game is less about “Shooter Skill” and more about intelligent fights. If you see an enemy out of place that you and your teammates can collapse on,do it. If an ally is out of place, give him a hand.
  2. Watch your level and your opponents. If you enemy is out leveling you, do not engage. This isn’t always 100% true but until you learn what fights you can and can’t, this is a decent indicator.
  3. Spend shard smartly. This is particularly important early game and on maps with lots of shards like Overgrowth. Buying items can be a great idea but isn’t always the best choice. Something that is often overlooked by beginners is that constructing buildables grants experience making them a great option while underlevelled or near in important me to such as 5 or 10.
  4. Play to your characters strengths. Characters are developed with specific tasks in mind. Learn your character and follow his role.
  5. Learn all of your characters skills, attacks, passives and helixes. Knowing exactly what you can do is important. Furthermore, knowing your helix so you don’t have to read them during the match can save a lot of time.
  6. Don’t be afraid to steal kills. This sounds weird and rude to people new to the game but it is actually a good thing. The more people involved in killing a person, the more experience and score your team gets as a whole.

Oscar Mike tips.
Important levels:2, 5, 10

  1. Oscar Mike is the best pusher in the game. He is the best at clearing minions which helps the team to push and you level up quickly. One Napalm grenade can clear most minion waves.
  2. Keep space. OM has pretty decent accuracy and doesn’t need to get close to have an impact. Shoot from a distance and lay down some damage. If you find yourself overextended, go invisible and back off. Mind you the invisibilityis far from a guranteed escape. If you are having trouble keeping a melee character off, use your quick melee to push them back(b on Xbox circle on ps4).
  3. Napalm, Napalm Napalm! Oscar Mike’s napalm grenade does incredible damage and has a big AOE. It is a good idea to upgrade your grenade with helix whenever possible.
  4. Don’t worry If you are getting a lot of assists and not many kills. OM is great at chipping a little health off a lot of foes from a distance.
    Must get helixes: Impact grenade at level 1 and napalm at level 2. I could give you a full build list but I recommend you experiment. But no matter what you should take these 2.

Hope that helps. Sorry it was so long. If you play on ps4 I would happily play with you and give pointers. Good Luck!


As far as incursion goes, follow these rules:

Rule #1: Focus Minions.

Make sure every enemy minion is dead before you attempt to kill an enemy player, these guys are the best way to level up early game anyway.

Rule #2: Your life is worth more than theirs.

Don’t go after an enemy if you are not 100% sure you can kill them before they can reach their team. It’s not worth risking the respawn time.

Rule #3: Buy, Build, Upgrade.

Buildings may seem to go down easily, but they are the bane of minions. Make sure that all turrets and logistics are at least level one at any given moment.

Rule #4: Always remember rule #1.

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This does help out, thank you for the tips and advice, I will try to figure out a good build for him, but I will make sure to use Impact grenade and napalm as you suggested. I actually do play on ps4, and could always use the help :sweat_smile:

Only with marquis can you get away with not moving occasionally. You need good map awareness though. If enemies are in gunning for you, yes. Don’t stop moving.