What am I doing wrong?

Minions then help, the more minions I kill the stronger I get? Which then means I can do more. Ok, I will remember rule #1 :slight_smile:

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What’s the best thing to do if 2 or more are running after you? Where to run to if you can’t find your team?

Awesome! My psn is Biostill. Feel free to add me. My work schedule is kind of unusual and may be hard to schedule playtime in advanced but anytime you see me on, feel free to send an invite. Would love to play and hopefully help out a bit!

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That sounds great, My psn is Ginji93552, so if you get a random friend invite from that name it’s me. My schedule is pretty crazy too, but I will make sure to get on from time to time.

That’s where map awareness is critical.

Watch the mini map frequently, alwaysknow wgere your team is and they should know where you are.

If you are going off alone, let them know. Like retunting to base with low health.

You can hold down “B” on PC and you will teleport back to base which will give you full health.

If you see on the mini map that two red circles are comingafter you, announce to your team, “opponents on me, falling back” and fall bacl where you can get support.

Listen for when teammates call out, “Character is low, one shot one shot!” That means they are expecting the twam to focus in on that character and try and kill them.

So a little practice in character familiarization and map awareness is real, real helpful.

It also makes the game super enjoyable.

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That makes sense, I will need to figure out which button the teleport is on ps4, but knowing I can teleport back to base helps a lot. And I will make sure I know where my team is :sweat_smile:

On that note, change your map display type in options>gameplay to minimap only (on PC, not sure on consoles if this differs). This makes a HUGE difference in terms of being able to tell what is going on at a glance.

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Cool thanks, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

pretty sure it is down on the d-pad

On that note, if you have the opportunity, break enemy buildings. You can be super awesome about keeping the enemy team off your minions only to have them chewed up by that rocket turret at the end of Overgrowth’s lanes.
If you can’t kill the enemy minions, find ways to stall them. They usually pause when hit by AoE, for example, which sets them up for your turrets to shoot without missing.

And start noticing Player Patterns. Like, there are Marquis players that only snipe (at times to the total exclusion of self-preservation, in which case point them up to your Thorn or melee teammates), and they are countered differently than those that actively engage on the field because they don’t forget to debuff unlike the snipers. Many Orendis forget Shadowfire Pillars or don’t go for the upgrades that let them quick-chain them, etc.

It’s okay to not be good at a new character the moment you try them, as some take time to get up to speed (Lv3 at least, so kill those Minions!) or need to build up kills to perform better (like Ambra or El Dragón). It’s okay to be the teammate that only builds stuff and hoards shards so long as you spend them to keep your team’s position solid – a thing many Incursions were overturned on, when an agressive team gets TPKed by a lucky Ultimate and while they wait to respawn, you waltz into their totally unupgraded base.

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To all those who gave me advice I thank you. I just played a few games using all of your awesome help and I did not suck. I actually helped and my team won almost every game I was in. I am so grateful for all the tips and tricks. I may not be the best at it, nor am I looking to be the best, I’m just glad I am now a decent part of my team. Once again Thank you to all who were so kind and helpful to me. :laughing::laughing:


Just pay it forawrd buddy. Be kind and helpful to new players.

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This thread is why I love the community for this game…its just a bunch of really nice people wanting to enjoy the game and help other get better and enjoy it as well. We do have our bad ones but for the most part everybody here is awesome

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