What am I gonna do for 2 weeks when the beta ends?

Like seriously what am I gonna do? :cry:

I thought the full release is on April 21st? What happens on April 21st then? :joy:

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Practice Dragon Splashing unsuspecting family members?

Wait I thought full release was out 3rd of May ? I might just sit there with the home screen of the beta where it’ll say ‘servers are offline’ and cry

Im going to freeze myself for 2 weeks :wink:

I might join you, or maybe I’ll buy a bow and arrow find a tank and defend it for 2 weeks

I will continue to play Borderlands2, which is still a great game.

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I’m more into the PvP right now on Battleborn, PvE is a great story and it funny but I don’t have borderlands so I can’t play that :unamused:

You really want to get Borderlands 2, that’s funny to and a very good game.

It’s been out a while now but still a great game, with a story to it.

I’ve been tempted to get the handsome collection for a while just never got around to it :joy:

I will miss battleborn too!

I will also miss it…
But I look forward to May 3, when I can pick up my preorder at my local eb games store in Australia…
Wonder what changes will occur with full release due to all the feedback that’s been given? Hopefully all for the good…
Gearbox and 2k have made me a very happy gamer once more!

I’ll be doing this…just staring at the screen wishing GBX would let me play again

Ya GBX if i buy the ultimate delux digital-gasmic edition can i just keep playing the beta until the release date? Pretty Please? I am just going to be a sad gamer without you in my life :wink:

You can cry yourself to sleep every night until May 3rd just like I will

Definitely Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel.