What am I supposed to do?

So I’m loving battleborn but honestly don’t know what to do about Marquis. Everytime I see one on the enemy team I just hope that theyre useless otherwise I know I’ll get stomped.

I play mainly incursion as either ISIC, El Dragon and Miko but I have the most trouble when I play Kleese. Honestly a competent Marquis can completely ruin a match for me. He annihilates my rifts and can hit me from miles away.

I’m trying a shield penetration load out to counter him with quantum precision and am having a little luck.

What am I supposed to do?

Well your first problem is your rifts are in line of sight of him. Either you’re placing them in bad spots or you’re letting Marquis just chill in a location when you and your team should be pushing him out of position. Marquis should be punishing you for mistakes, not locking you down. If you do something stupid or show yourself too much then Marquis will kill you but if you’re placing your networks well and pressuring him with your own sniper shots when he leaves himself open then you should not have an issue with him.


So up until I get network, I usually hide my rifts either behind the wall by our sentry or the large middle pilar if we have centre control. When networked I’ll spread them out more but there are few spots in the centre that Marquis can’t see from the nest that are also useful for my team and not out in the open for the rest of the team. Any suggestions on this would be great?

I’m finding that remaining safe means sitting miles away from the team and not contributing a great deal other than as a rolling supply station. Sniper wars with him don’t go terribly well because he’s so much more difficult to hit than Kleese. Shield penetration means I’m causing him more hassle than usual but even then not much.

As for pushing him out of position that’s what I’m looking for advice on. Primarily as Kleese. I play mainly with randoms and you can only ask a team so many times to help.

I think part of your problem may be running a bad build with Kleese. Here’s my build guide on him if you want to check it out: https://youtu.be/zesBa-I5WDI. It’s got a game linked in the description too if you want to see how I play him in a match.

As for the rifts I generally will set up in the sniper nest itself or put half of them on the other side of the lane between the tunnel and the lane and the others in more offensive locations.

The only difference in helix choices for what I take is the bounce instead of geezer pleaser.

I dunno, maybe I’m just plagued with Marquis players that hate me because they tend to follow me around ruining my fun.

Cheers for the advice though anyhow.

Marquis was the bane of my existence until I started to really understand Kleese’s strengths. I mean the sniper shot alone with just 1 hit on Marquis takes out his shield completely and takes a decent chunk of health. Are you full charging it? The reason I suspected your build might be an issue is because you were taking shield penetration. Not useless but I’ll take skill damage or shield strength over anything else on Kleese.

I’m still seeing whether it’s more or less effective, wanted to see if bunker buster and some shield pen would scare him into leaving me alone.

He’s never going to leave you alone. Kleese is a huge neon “shoot me” sign.

It shouldn’t be your responsibility, as Kleese, to deal with Marquis. It’s a bad matchup for him. If your team isn’t competent in dealing with Marquis, you are going to struggle. It sucks, but stay hidden if you have to and do your best to support the team and tag minions with rifts.


As Kleese, you’re a support. You’re not supposed to be pushing Marquis out of his spot. You’re a territorial support who can demolish in close quarters.

The best character (imho) to deal with a Marquis is a skilled Benedict player. His damage out put is so high, it’ll either kill Marquis or at least make him f*ck off of a minute. Not to mention, the many MANY ways Benedict can engage Marquis, he’ll have to snipe, and be constantly looking over his shoulder.

Oscar Mike and Caldarius are pretty good for this as well.

TL;DR: There’s no reliable way to get rid of Marquis as Kleese, he’s a territorial support, and there’s nothing else to it, just make sure that your team knows and they can help deal with him.

Yea, Ghalt players can yank him out of his spots too. Just gotta count on your teammates

Playing mostly in PUGs, counting on teammates is a gamble at best. It’s a shame that he’s that good a counter to so many other battleborn.

I think I might just have to spend some time mastering one of these. I’m never more satisfied than when I kill a Marquis.

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His Quantum Precision helix option might not be able to wreck Marquic, but it can definitely make him have a bad time.

This exactly. I’m not sure why people are acting like Marquis can just straight up ruin your game if your teammates don’t back you up. I certainly felt like this when I started with Kleese, but once again, once you get good with him Marquis simply becomes a large annoyance that requires you to be very careful. In fact, depending on the skill level of the Marquis, I have flipped the tables completely on this same match up where the Marquis couldn’t do anything because every time he tried I would send him running.

Then, no offense, that was a crappy Marquis. He has a tiny hitbox compared to Kleese, so Kleese, by definition, has to expose himself to fire more in order to even try to retaliate.

The good news is that between the mild reduction to Marquis’ damage and the large boost to Kleese’s health incoming, that should help. But it won’t stop Marquis from being biggest cheese-fest ■■■■■■■■ character in the game. This would be a much better game if he weren’t in it.

Note: not saying Marquis requires no skill, but a really good one does massive damage with comparatively little risk/exposure to himself.

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Sounds to me like you are just used to crappy Kleese’s :D. Kleese pops out, hits Marquis with a shot for his entire shield + some health and ducks back into safety if needed. I run with up to a 1k shield so if Marquis starts popping me, between the strength of my shield and my rift network recharging it at a crazy pace I have plenty of time to duck back to safety if needed. I’m not saying he’s not a nuisance to Kleese, but he should never lock you down in a match.

I’m not basing this off of one Marquis, lol. The bad ones you don’t even need to consider as a threat. The good ones you need to watch your ass constantly, but they are more than manageable.

Try flanking him in an up close fight he can be burst down by just about anyone, or just play the stupidly op galilea, you can in hit his shields with her stun from a “fair” distance and then take him down in 3 hits if you’ve got the right load-out