What an explosive Hail Mary!

Was playing on Monuments and a Thorn jumped up on a pillar in the middle of the map while I dropped down to kill minions. My team fired at her as I got out an explosive charge, she tried to run but I managed to toss my charge over the pillar and kill her in midair with it. It wasn’t my intention to steal the kill but I had to record the clip and share it. It was dope. Link down below.


LOL!! Kudos sir that was on point!

The mid-air detonations are pretty fun.

Yeah. I like to use the detonations to push people around toward teammates. Last night I killed a Galilea by dropping mines and detonating a charge next to her. She stepped into my minefield, started running out then I blew her back into the mines and killed her. Recorded that one too.

Hard to tell I knocked her back into the mines though. I backpedaled a bit as I detonated it.