What Annoyed/Mildly Irritated You Today?

For those everyday mild irritations that don’t belong in the “What Pissed You Off Today?” thread, here is the “What Annoyed slash Mildly Irritated You Today?” thread.

Here’s mine:

  1. On the way home on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit, the guy in front of me was driving 45 the entire time.
  2. I just stubbed my toe on my guitar amp.

Tell everyone your annoying moments! <-- totally not a cheesy line.

This thread was needed. Most things that irritate me dont really piss me off.

  1. When people eat my food without asking.

Speaking of food…

The sound of people chewing…Actually, this probably belongs in the pissed thread…It seriously enrages me and I have no idea why…Any time I mention it, people usually laugh, like I’m joking.

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When my mom slurps her soup real loud.

And excessively blows on warm food.

Cat waking me up and not letting me sleep, when I have to get up at 5am to get ready for work… seriously hate it as I am not an easy sleeper at times. I always have to hit the sac around 12 hours in advance just to make sure I get enough ZZzzz’s

This would be a rather good Mall Maintenance thread. Man that job comes with a high chance to get annoyed some-days… man people are stupid! It’s hard to piss me off, I get more annoyed then anything!

MOSQUITOES. It’s almost 02:00, had to fill my room with Raid then wait and then ventilate the room.

They made a feast on me.

The dress.


Its… everywhere toooo whyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

Almost out of Medication

Got phoned into work today to cover for a co worker. We both weren’t feeling to well yesterday. I think I can manage though… cross fingers I never know if I am really sick until I start my day, because my stomach likes to be dumb normally with my dumb nerves.

Now if I am a bit unwell, I hope to hell head office came yesterday… If I am feeling a bit crumby and have to sit a lot, and they see me, well ■■■■ them lol

Blarg now I gotta go get some cash for a cab asdfgfdkhjgl.

…when my crazy friend starts playing vomit sounds on skype/twitch… :smiley:

PC-F ran out of Chaser A31, dammit.
I know Thermaltake computer cases aren’t the best on earth, but I badly like it.

When people are unable to tell the difference between an artillery strike to a chemical plant and a tactical nuke. SMH…

I went to school and so girl to my homework and she turned it in as her own causing me to get an F+
But my aunt took me to school and fixed the problem, but they started calling me the teachers pet:(

School is hell. LEts leave it at that.

Dirty train seats. It’s like the damn strike from the janitors never ended.

Eew I hate trains:(

Im going to share this sentiment if the damn dutch railways don’t properly maintain and clean their equipment.
Its just disgusting to see trainseats that are full with garbage.

One time I was on a train some dude threw up on one of the seats and I waited a long time for the janitor to come and clean it up