What anoints would past VHs use?

Just thought it’d be fun to imagine what anointment we’d use with vault hunters from previous games. So, either what do you think the characters would like, or what would you have used on your builds for them?

(Feel free to adapt character specific anoints to fit if you need.)

Personally, I’d pick:
Roland - ASA 200%
Lilith - ASE n2m incendiary damage
Mordecai - ASE 100% damage
Brick - after (phaseslam) berserk 200% extra melee


Could you imagine Salvador using a consecutive hits anoint…


Off the bat any ASA anoint would be killer on sal. Maya would be strong with some but have to think which ones.


I’d add:
Axton - (iron bear) Turret +100% damage
Maya - bloody harvest phaselock fires skulls
Zero - ASE 100% melee
Salvador - ASA constantly emit novas
Gaige - bloody harvest reloading causes cryo nova
Krieg - uRad

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Fragtrap - ASE 200% splash damage
Athena - while (barrier) Aspis active increased chance of status effects
Nisha - enemies damaged by (rakk attack) quick draw take 100% extra damage
Willhelm - (SNTL) wolf and saint 100% cryo
Timothy - after (swapping with) spawning a digi-clone 130% extra damage
Aurelia - ASE n2m cryo damage

Ok I’m going for it :slightly_smiling_face:

Axton ASA 200% gun dmg
Maya : phaselock causes a singularity ( no need for convergence)
Salvador : consecutive hits
Zero : Deception shots get 150% crit dmg
Gaige : Terror fire rate / deathtrap dmg
Krieg : consecutive hits

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Gaige and Athena with the “damage while airborne” anointment… this, dialed with Death From Above and Smite would be a favorite.

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Considering how Mordecai’s sniper COM allows him to never reload and how elements in BL1 scale, N2M would be the way to go for snipers, hands down.
For anything else you could potentially go for ASE what with how the game allows you to have instant AS cooldowns but I’d image Mord would actually go for an ASA boost and just purposefully get Bloodwing stuck on a wall.

I’d assume that Zer0’s Deception shots would work like Fl4k’s Fade where the last shot, and in Zer0s case the only one, would get ASE bonuses on it. Doubling up on elemental damage on top of slag and death mark would be rather insane. N2M Pimpernels on Zer0 would be absurd in general although I could also see them going for just more gun damage too.

For melee Zer0 there’s an interesting question: does MMF activating re-apply the action skill? You never have to really wonder about that in BL2 but if it does then ASE melee would be active throughout your deception after the first kill which would probably take if from a really hard class to play in to a really easy one. Then again ASE melee would likely be the thing anyway just because of facetanking situations.

All flavors of Zer0 would probably want cooldown reduction on their shield instead of more damage: you’d already do so much damage that it would be a bit of an overkill and having a quicker cooldown would be a boost to both your survivability and damage anyway.


Well… All of the ASE stuff on Zer0, probably, since Decepti0n was one of the most spammable action skills in Bl2. Also, 300/90 because it would pair well with Decepti0n.

Maya might be well off with consec hits because

  1. She doesn’t have many straight-up gun damage skills and
  2. She can easily apply elemental dots

Krieg could do a variety of things. Consec hits would work rather well for the same reason as Maya, but I think provided decent scaling he could also make use of ASA novas and elemental crit.

Gaige would probably benefit most from bonus elements (because Anarchy really is all the gun damage she’ll ever need, just like Zane) and since her action skill is duration based, probably U/Rad.

Axton would probably love the 200% ASE splash considering he could just throw his turret at his feet and immediately pick it up again to refund some cooldown and end the Action Skill early.

Salvador is kind of an interesting one because of his high action skill uptime, so consec hits and 200% ASA gun damage, I guess. Possibly also elemental crit for off-hand shenanigans.

For Bl1:

Lilith: ASE bonus elements, Consec Hits
Mordecai: Also ASE Bonus Elements, 300/90
Roland: Consec hits, ASA 200% gun damage
Brick: 200% ASE Splash (could potentially get triggered using the inventory berserker rage cancel)

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Consec hits Sal would be insane, might actually have a chance at beating OP10 Vorac with that heh.

Also all the “next two mags” would be broken on BL1 characters, given all those COMs that regen ammo. :slight_smile:

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Completely forgot that exists. That would work stupidly well with CA stacking. Would probably also pop that on a slag Pimpernel just to make it able to off small frys without swapping weapons.

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