What are all the unlisted effects from skills and helixes?

Just noting how the game doesn’t actually list certain effects and abilities so I figure we could let each other know for those who hadn’t noticed.

For example

Mellka has a sprinting melee, a slide kick.

Toby’s tactical overlay helix actually reduces his scope’s zoom distance.

Orendi’s mind bullets don’t home in on the targeted enemy, but all enemies in front of her, so if there’s a mob, its likely each bullet will reach a different target.

Toby’s Arc Vortexmutation only seems to actually pull in jumping enemies. Thralls and such it will actually slingshot towards you.

Toby’s lv 10 helix that splits his core discharge also gives it insane knock back with each shot. You can push someone across the map with it.

Anyone else wanna contribute with overlooked details?

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Deande has passive life steal, 10% from attacks (Not abilities)

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Doesn’t every Jennerit have life steal? :open_mouth:

That’s something else entirely.

All jennerits have life steam
All eldrids have no shield but health regent

Do the other factions have a unique trait like that?

Peacekeepers are Punny and Rogues are badass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Every Jennerit has access to some form of life steal, Attikus through helix augmentations and Caldarius through one flimsy mutation, Rath’s is his listed passive and Ambra’s is her primary attack, but Deande’s passive life steal from attacks is unlisted.

They all have some kind of niche. LLC typically emphasise shield enhancements through helix augmentations, even most of their gear is shield related.
Peacekeepers are all military types who typically prefer ranged weapons over melee fighting, of course then there’s Galilea.
Rogues are just all over the place, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Kleese’s heal chair can heal Miko’s healing mushroom.

LOL YES! I found this out the other day, bloody fantastic!

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Kleese can heal everything, apparently :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Very very interesting, we could make a great compendium and maybe they will list these features sometime. Not knowing on the life steal on deande attacks is a big thing xD

The number of times I took the life steal augment at level 3 before I found this out… :confused:

Yeah I’m pretty sure I was with you in a party when I first saw it. If Kleese sits on a mushroom it basically lasts forever.

Lol it may well have been, it was Mick993 who was Kleese but I always try to have a Miko and I forget who played him/her/it half the time lol but you’re the only Miko main who I play with so it probably was you.

I enjoy playing healer. I’m a lover, not a fighter. :wink:

I enjoy being healed =D And killing things. All things, enemies, minions, turrets, sentries.
“You were born for this” < I was born to kill things and that’s why I play as Thorn!

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