What are good grenades?

Greetings people.

I’ve been looking for good grenades since my luck in that department seems to suck.

Strongest grenade i’ve gotten is this one:

With the recent patch and boss specific loot, are there some awesome grenades you can farm?

thx for the help

Thats a highly debatable question. Personally grenades help balance out my aggressive approach with utility. I usually go with nades that either debuff, help crowd control, or heal. Grenades in BL3 aren’t like the earlier installments of the game. Generally your arsenal wont be centered around your grenades. To really find the best you have to be quite honest about yourself. Do you die alot? Do you run into groups with a non-effective weapon? Do you hide and pot shot? atm MIRV anything seems decent, especially Mirv Hex

Get the ghast call before the Halloween event ends. That’s my go to nade for the takedown and is just generally really good


i personally use moxxi’s pair for general enemies, does shock and fire, and heals you


I didn’t know that they healed as well, makes sense as a moxxi item though

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mhm, plus if you have a transformer, you can use the shock grenade it spawns to heal up aswell

For non-red-text grenades, we have sort of a conversation going on here. If it’s got an Impact trigger, Nuke, Link, and MIRV in it, I’m probably game.

No grenade scales very well into Mayhem 4.

Generally good grenades for damage would be Hex, Stormfront, Ghast Call, and Epicenter.

For utility: Chupa’s Organ, Hunter Seeker, EMP, Quasar, It’s Piss.

For Fun: Nagata, Fastball.

If you have a low cooldown Action Skill, any grenade with the +50% bonus element damage on ASE is pretty good in the sense that you will do a lot more damage, just not by actually using a grenade.

Ive done 40+ heck clears + general loot ghost farming.
only seen a single regular ghast call :frowning:

Ouch, had a friend drop a cloning one for me. The cloning variant is one of the best grenades in the game and for Moze it IS the best grenade in the game since it procs MoD and Vampyr.

I’m still using a fastball because it does 6k damage. best i’ve found.

Nagata seems to work well with Vampyr. Just found a Spring Epicenter, that should be fun!

Ouch that’s rough. I’ve done about the same and seen close to 10 and locked out with 2 cloning versions

Is Hex that much worse now that it hasn’t even been mentioned? I haven’t played since that big round of nerfs, and this sort of things just makes me want to keep staying away. That’s really frustrating because I love the Borderlands games.

I have only found one of those at Level 20 while running the campaign. Do you know of a place where it may drop to try and farm? I would really like to get this at Level 50.