What are good Splash weapons for Moze

I’m trying to find weapons for my Bottomless Demolition Bear build. I look at the top gear form but I feel like it doesn’t really give you much informants about them. Also weapons with high mag for when I use blast master

  1. Monarch
  2. Flipper
  3. Light Show
  4. Contained Blast

I just look them up and the Monarch and Light show are not weapons that do splash damages.

Well, they just happen to be the two most effective weapons in this game regardless.

Try to get them with the 200% Splash damage anointment.

  1. Flipper
  2. Beacon
  3. Plaguebearer
  4. Backburner
    Those would be the best in slot.

Right now the only gun you’ll ever need is the Flipper, but you can have fun with the Ogre, Juliet’s Dazzle, Sawbar, Tiggs’ Boom, and some others.


Only Vladof launchers can roll with splash anoints.

@twoPIZZA put together a post of all splash guns. Beyond the ones that have already been recommended, I would add the Sandhawk, the Mongol, the Gargoyle, the Bloom, the Lucky 7, and the Anarchy.


Wait I think I have a moonfire with one. Am I going crazy? Maybe it’s the Moze anoint.

He means, out of all Vladof weapons, only the launchers spawn with splash anointments.

The moonfire is not a splash weapon either which is unusual for a Torgue.

The Miscreant from Oaken Wolf and the Quartermaster is my pick of the splash vladof weapons, followed by the ION cannon, which is good for one shotting bosses.

For your blue green build I’d recommend picking up an elemental Torgue Scourge or Plaguebearer.

Correct – mentioned in the context of the Monarch and Lightshow.


There are no words to express how 300%/90% headslossion sniper riffle broken good is.

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Either I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how that anointment works or that would do nothing.

Multiply 0 by 200% or 10000% the result will always be 0. Increasing splash damage only affects weapons that do splash to begin with

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Sorry about that. You’re right. And yeah the moonfire isnt splash. Tho if you’re consistent with aim, a urad one with SHort Fuse could be pretty strong. I think it spawns with urad?

Any gun can spawn urad. 300/90 is probably always going to be your best option when using Short Fuse and a gun with low ROF.

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The guns I run on Moze are noted below all with the consecutive hits anonit.

Tigg’s Boom

Flipper is really all you need like Yulo noted. From what I run I find the Ogre to be the weakest and would love to switch it with something stronger but I haven’t tried the Sawbar or Juliet’s Dazzle since the last update.

Other guns I consider worthwhile that do Splash damage are noted below.

SMG - Flipper, Kaoson
Pistol - Beacon, Gargoyle, Miscreant, Unkempt Harold, Lucky 7
Sniper - Sandhawk, Complex Root (suicide gun though), Headsplosion
AR - Contained Blast, OPQ System (splash only come from shock explosion), Ogre, Sawbar, Juliet Dazzle (Last two are according to others. I haven’t tried them yet).
Shotgun - Tiggs Boom, Anarchy
Launcher - Backburner, Plaguebearer, Yellowcake (until next level cap update), Mongol


Wow … I didn’t know that … makes perfect sence though. Thanks!!!

You’re pretty much right. It boosts all splash done by your character so things like grenades will do more damage. But it’s absolutely not worth using splash anointments on the handful of guns that are able to spawn with it but don’t actually do splash damage.

Also, the light show and monarch cannot roll splash anointments anyway.

Still don’t get why everyone loves the monarch so much. I can’t stand the loss of movement with the bipod.

But anyway, for me the Ogre is best in slot right now. The x2 variant with a next 2 mags is the better roll. Consecutive hits is really only useful on large bosses, but Moze has way better boss killers. With all of the EXPLOSIONS it’s hard to keep up the hits. With iron bank and some mag size bonuses you can perpetually hold down the trigger and never empty the mag. I also keep a Soulrender handy. Pretty sure those skulls are doing splash damage.

For pistols, the Miscreant is an absolute monster. As is the Gargoyle. Unkempt Harold, Roisen Thorns, Bloom, and the x2 Devastator are also good.

For shotguns, the Firecracker is a beast. Everyone is really sleeping on this one because they think it’s just a meme weapon. It’s basically a rapid fire Flakker. It’s great at clearing out dense mobs and larger enemies. The Tigg’s Boom is better now as well.

For snipers the Storms are fun, but situational. Are there even any other splash snipers?

And rocket launcher go to the Backberners and Plaguebearers. The Backberner/Mindsweeper trick still demolishes bosses like a pro.

there are quite a few actually, firestorm, headsplosion, complex root, sandhawk just to name a few, also some quasi-splash ones like krakatoa (on kill) and unseen threat (on crit)


Oh, didn’t realize the Headsplosion was splash, nice. The Unseen Threat isn’t tho, and personally I’m not a huge fan of the Sandhawk. Even with a bottomless mag Moze, it’s too ammo hungry for what it does.