What are lines of hw1 music for levels

Hello, it’s me TKT.

Am doing conversions of single player levels of homeworld 1 to multiplayer, everything goes ok with it. well the question is how its called the music lines of Homeworld 1 songs. in MissionBoy SE one can use some of the songs than uses homeworld 2. what a i’ll found interesting is than now there two songs. previous to combat and in combat songs, when the stuff are in calm, the normal, now when there a battle, dont matter the furiosity of the battle a battle song triggers. found cool that functionality but am searching how are called the hw1 songs for remastered

in level files the line than triggers the music is this

¿How are called the amb and battle music of homeworld 1 remastered?


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Another good thing is now is than now there no need to add a planet and a moon, like in classical, the planet and moon was considered in a object, now in remastered the planet and moon is part of the background. but still confused what are music lines than triggers homeworld 1 music. ill have the space dust of the mission 16, adding asteroids via Missionboy SE


I’ll check them to hear them if they are homeworld 1 songs for the maps, checked, that two are hw2 songs, the singleplayer campaign there homeworld 1 songs, ill been looking in the level file of mission of the campaign of hw1. strange, there no line than make reference of a music.