What are people’s reactions to farming rare bosses during this event?

I’m kinda meh about it. did some runs on power rangers but the run to their spawn+their own random/buggy spawn is a complete turn off. The load times that result in a giant NULL of anything and nothing to drop along the way = not fun.

I get more class mods farming gigamind and it’s a reliable spawn and fight. GBox has to rethink their current event incarnation for class mod drop rates because frankly more class mods drop from regular farm points.

I liked the bl2 hunt events… guaranteed spawn of a boss in a unique location.

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I was trying to get a hive but the spiderant only spawned once. Not sure what happened there, 25 reloads and no further appearances

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It’s not even live yet…

As of this morning at 7:23 am MST

“All SHiFT services are currently being taken offline for scheduled maintenance. During this time, players playing Borderlands 3 may have issues logging into their SHiFT account, redeeming mail rewards, and receiving micro patches. We estimate this will last for 3 hours.”

The event isn’t launching until after the maintenance.


I farmed yesterday. It doesn’t matter much because the drop rate issues for class mods still holds. Event boss drop rates are terrible compared to standard locations.

I’ll check out one of the bosses after maintenance though. Thanks for pointing it out.

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No problem.

Maintenance completed.

killed one of them now ~20 times… not a single drop so far.

Edit: Kill 21 made it :smiley:


Gigamind still seems better. Several mods drop per kill, sometimes a leg

use Amara, the run isnt so bad with her 105% movement speed bonus