What are shugaraths?

So are they like a rathyd that evolved and went into a Metamorphasis, or is it an entirely different species that is in a symbiotic relationship with rathyds or something entirely different? I’m surprised sir hammerlock didn’t have any mission really having to do with them.

I see them like the Rakk hives in the first game: the rathyds are their “children”. Each different type spawns rathyds that match their element (cryo, shock, etc.).

I always assumed it was a tribute to HP Lovecraft. They look like something that would come out of his writings.


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Yep, definitely a tip of the hat to the Cthulhu Mythos. Every time I kill one, I tell myself I just killed one of the Old Gods! :grin:

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One area where the BL series doesn’t get enough credit is the creativity that goes into making the creatures you fight.


On this topic: I’ve seen a couple that could turn invisible (more like translucent, really), but only at the Dahl train station. Has anyone seen these outside of that location? Also, I’ve only seen them like twice (and they had a weird name too).

I’ve seen those as well. Wierd lookin’ things. I’ve only seen them at the train station to the titan robot facility.

If I remember right, there’s a challenge connected to the three at the train station. That might be why they’re different. They’re like a unique spawn or something.

The challenge is to kill all three within a minute? Or was it longer? It was to kill all three within a certain time frame.

Thank you for that. I wondered myself whose twisted mind engendered those nightmarish forms. :slight_smile:

One minute is correct.

Sugar rush? That’s what comes to mind.

They’re kinda meh. Just a generic alien blob thing. Crystalisks were awesome, stalkers are great, varkids were cool. Shugguraths are in the middle. Damn health-mountain laser-sniper minion-spawning blobs. I hate them.

They’re rare. Wish they dropped something. http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=397820

I kinda agree with you gameplay-wise, but just being a Lovecraft reference makes them awesome in my eyes. XD

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If you have the Excalibur, they are super easy to freeze (their big ‘ol eyes are the crit spot). When you shatter them with Physx on, lots of ice bits go flyin’.

Angry Sucrose, mostly.

I always just shot them with the stingray flak cannon lol. Easy challenge.

i think the more important question is what is that UNIQUE shugarath, who spawns at the train station before you go to Titan Robot Facility; he has a huge flat hammerhead like a mushroom, and can stealth.

I think i’ve only seen this guy a few times but seems like an opportunity missed, he could have been a cool boss! he never shows up now.

^See Impala’s response to my same question :slight_smile:

that page does not exist or has expired :frowning: