What are some characters who don't work well together?

So my friend and I are just finishing up our Krieg and Gaige playthrough. The reason why we picked those characters is cause we read that they don’t work well together. I mean yeah Catalyst Gaige and Hellborn Krieg can do serious damage but it wasn’t without some faults…

I had to protect him while he gets his Anarchy up and he had to deal with me unable to tank damage or deal massive damage (either when I had no release the beast or my loadout just didn’t have anything good like before having rough rider/love thumper and such.)

We learned alot cause of this so…we kinda wanna do it again lol. What are some bad co-op partys for characters? My friend wants to do a two Maya playthrough and…I think it might be too easy cause of Res.

My vote would be for double Zer0 (maybe specifically same build, e.g. double melee or double sniper or w/ever). double Maya would be easy imo (she has one of the most gear independent skillsets in the entire game).

Do a sal and zero run. Or maybe sal and axton

Sal in general doesn’t play well with others.
You should ALWAYS have RtB. Always. Krieg and Maya make a hell of a team.

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Axton works great with anyone, especially because he isn’t too kill skill dependent for his survivability or damage skills.

Sniper Zero and anything with massive visual pollution (so hellborn krieg, Axton with scorched earth, sub-sequence maya because of all the flying around, etc…). He preferably wants things to stay still and not have crit spots obscured by explosions.

I don’t think Maya & Sal make a good team. Unless you throw on a Bee shield, chances are you’ll have a lot of kills stolen from you, which you need for Inertia, Life Tap, etc. However, I don’t mind having Salvadors around for raids - they do all the damage while I hang back and put on whatever damage I can / use Res as needed. Two Sals and at least one Maya on the team is really good for raiding.

With a Sal around, will you need Inertia and Lifetap?

I think people tend to think of Sal the wrong way in coop. Yes, he will kill almost everything. That’s what he does best, it’s his job, and it’s his only function. As the other player in the party, you just have to do something to make that slightly easier for Sal.

Axton- Place turrets for slagging and distracting enemies. Even tanks appreciate a little less heat. Use your mobility to take care of enemies behind the zerker or in places they can’t see.

Maya- Slag them, toss them around with converge, and keep the zerker up. If he has all the aggro, you don’t need to worry too much about your survivability skills, Sweet Release and Elated should be enough.

Admittedly, Krieg, melee and sniper Zeros, and non-DT based Gaiges (and even them to some extent because of a lack of Upshot Robot stacks) don’t mix too well with Sal, but that’s nothing a coordinated team can’t fix.

BTW, Hellborn Kriegs and melee Kriegs are pretty bad together. They compete for kills to keep themselves alive, and bloodsplosion chains can screw either one of them out of needed healing.


Zer0 and Thoughtlock Maya?

I feel like if my Axton was playing with someone’s sal and we were sticking together that I would be useless, because I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Axton can keep up with most play styles but not a fully geared sal.

Keep up how though? If you’re playing with Sal you don’t need to focus on damage. You have 2 aggro drawing slag turrets, up to 24 quasars or MM, and depending on your COM a team fire rate or shield buff. Seems plenty useful to me.

I meant damage wise because my play style is very aggressive. If your just doing support roles he very good.

That’s still depends to a degree on what the Sal is running and how a good a Sal player they are (duh). Explosive Axton can keep up fairly well with a hoarder, deputy, or titan Sal.

Can we agree to disagree and call it even?

No. You must fight to the death. :smiling_imp:

Ugh. Yes. Target resists Deathmark, and Execute won’t track properly. It’s problematic.

I wonder if Ambush and Backstab or other skills also fail to proc on thoughtlocked targets…

Ok you asked for it. Zero and Gaige most likely wouldn’t work to good. But in this game people can make just about anything work.

Zero is dependant on enemy behavior predictability, so not that great in co-op. Krieg is very dependant on kill skills, so he works best alone too. And if they are both melee, you’re gonna have a hard time with buzzards and such. So any combination of these 2 would be my pick as the worst.

Salvador has few things going for him in co-op, but nothing that works against him either. He has enough DPS for 2 so your friend can focus entirely on support if he feels like it. Hoarder Sal’s ammo regen is a godsend to a LOT of builds, especially Hellborn Krieg and Sniper Zero who are the most likely to run out.

Axton’s best co-op contribution is probably slag turrets. Some characters don’t have a steady source of it and have to rely on slag-and-swap, this is a welcome break. With everything slagged, Sal could use 2 Harolds instead of just one :slight_smile:
They also draw agro and while nuke isn’t very powerful, it is an on-demand knockback.

Gaige is an interesting co-op choice, but she also works best alone since her action skill is an “instant co-op partner” making it redundant in multiplayer. But having someone to help while you stack Anarchy is very nice.

Maya was made for co-op, she makes a great pair with literally anyone.


Why not? I don’t really know what we’re disagreeing about though. Is it Sal being good for coop or something else?

Pretty sure it’s about sal being a team player. Lol

Maybe its just me then. I played BL2 primarily coop (I have maybe 2 or 3 hours worth of solo play over this game for 3 years lol). I always play with the same person and we know each other’s play styles pretty well, so we work around each other regardless of character.

Of course, we also have the liberty to switch characters if one of us is feeling useless, so maybe I just don’t notice how bad it is to play with a Sal since I can always bring in my own OP char.

I was looking at it from the view point of joining a random game and them being the typical sal player (dpuh/grog). Of course if your playing with friends or at least using a mic to talk to the random it’s a lot easier.