What are some episodes/movies that you found thought-provoking?

One of the new x files episodes with the were lizard called guy mann

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Scrubs -
My Lunch
My Fallen Idol (the arc where Dr. Cox accidently kills three patients and goes on a bender)

Fargo -
All of season one. The entire point of the first season is basically showing how a person can start to go down a bad road to become something horrifying.

The Venture Brothers-
Operation P.R.O.M. - While also hilarious and giving us the conversation about the rusty venture, it also has a really deep moment with Brock and Molotov that makes me think about that defining moment when you realize a relationship won’t work.

Justified -
Pilot - Really hits home in a lot of ways to people around my area. People holding torches for childhood sweethearts and guys who’s best moments were all in high school football.

Bulletville- “No Raylan… I’m counting on you being the only friend I have left in this world.”

Season 2 Finale - “This is the worst part…”