What are some fun non Red Text guns?

An assault rifle with the spingun barrel, sans maybe bandit, are fun and some brands, torgue/dahl, are great,

Pretty much any shotgun


Why did it take 13 posts for someone to finally mention the Synergy?! Thank you @Psymonkee for injecting some sense into this thread!

Most of my standard go-tos have already been mentioned. A good Dahl Minigun, or a Maliwan Umbrage are always really fun to use. Then you’ve got Sniders and Pooshkas and Droogs (oh my) for your sniper rifles. Muckamucks and Callipeens are really fun to use in NVHM/TVHM as you level up. Plasma Casters and Topneaas are also really nice finds.

Jakobs shotguns in all varieties can be really fun, and I like the larger-barreled Hyperion shotguns (Crowd Sourcing and Development) for bigger baddies.


IMO, it’s hard to go wrong with any decent-spec Thinking shotgun or most coach guns, and plasma casters are almost too good a lot of the time.


I’m running a Vladof Moloko (E-Tech) Sal for mobbing. So much fun!


Hyperion: shotguns
Maliwan: snipers and SMGs
Vladof: anarchists


Diaubs, and sniders, scouts and droogs,
Coaches, and hulks, face times and ravagers,
Irons, negotiators, aegis’s and slappers,
Trances and smigs, wacky named elemental smgs,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Panoramas and launchers, topneaas and Durps
Spitters and carbines, renegades and lances
Transfusions and betties, MIRVs and Teslas,
These are a few of my favorite things.

-Preferred Murder Tools from the broadway production of “the Sound of Gunshots”

Seriously, though. That’s pretty much my non-red text repertoire thus far, except for my Tediore plasma casters. Mmmmm…reloads. :drooling_face:


I honestly haven’t ever used Carbine’s. Are they worth it? I always just go for a Dahl Minigun. There are quite a few non red text weapons worth using. I do hope E techs return in BL3, but some of them buffed. E tech ARs aren’t the greatest but Plasma Casters are amazing :slight_smile: Also I like your poem there


Paul : that is the best post ever. I was actually singing along.


@MassiveGat- full disclosure, elemental carbines did plenty of good work for me in NVHM and TVHM, but in UVHM I tend to go elemental Vladof (preferably Etech) and Torgue for ARs. NE anything is Jakobs or bust, accept no substitues.

@Jefe- that’s high praise from the haiku laureate of Pandora. You are too kind. Thank you. :blush:


It’s actually a song. This is the original.

jk - this is actually the original

jk again - this is the real original


I can only speak about SMG’s, as they’re my preferred weapon type. However, I can’t offer specific advice, as I don’t really think of my weapons in terms of parts when looking at performance. For me, Brand is the determining factor. That said, here’s my personal feelings about each brand of SMG:

Bandit: I can’t really say anything about these. I know I’ve used them (I can remember seeing the reload animation), but I can’t remember anything about their performance. Which probably says just as much about them, honestly.

Dahl: I don’t like Dahl’s gimmick, so I generally pass on these. This is actually pretty annoying, as their SMGs actually feel really good when hip-fired. Unfortunately, I ADS much more than I hip-fire, so I don’t really get to feel that. If there was some way to ADS without the weapon firing in bursts, I’d likely use these a lot more. As it is, they’re generally a pass.

Hyperion: I absolutely love Hyperion weapons. I tend to be bad at figuring out effective ranges in games. With Hyperion weapons, I don’t need to worry. As long as I’m not doing something stupid like trying to snipe across the map, a Hyperion weapon will do a great job.

Maliwan: I consider Maliwan weapons to be the base SMG. They don’t do anything spectacular, but they generally don’t do anything wrong, either. Pick one up, and it will get the job done without too much fuss.

Tediore: I have a love-hate relationship with Tediore SMGs. On the one hand, I love their ability to go from Sustained DPS to Burst Damage and back, as it makes them incredibly versatile weapons. On the other hand, I just can’t get used to the whole Don’t Reload thing. I generally give them a miss if I’m not playing a Loyalty character, as switching from the Reload mindset to the Don’t Reload one and back on the fly isn’t something that I do particularly well. Still, they’re great weapons, and if you can make that transition, you’ll do great with them. There’s nothing quite like dealing with a bunch of regular enemies, seeing a Badass, chucking your weapon once or twice to kill them, then getting back to the mobs, all without ever switching weapons.


So Borderlands: The Musical is a real thing? :smiley:


We can only hope it’s coming soon, and not subject to the same stuff as the spiderman musical. It would definitely get me back in a theater, that’s for sure.


Which part of this is the source of your disdain? Sniping across long distances in general or doing it with Hyperion sniper rifles?

If I wasn’t playing allegiance, most of my cross-map sniper rifles would be Hyperion.


1st off the glad you mentioned the injector as it is imo the best non unique torgue gun in the game.

2nd I recently picked up a few maliwan SMGs and the trance is my favourite so far.

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I like the Room Clener line of Bandit shotties.
Ammo economy does blow but it hits hard. Pretty hard.

I also like Transmurderas because they don’t waste as many bullets like the Projectile Convergence does. Presences are a decent second option.

Vision pistols are quite good IMO as well.


If you want something very unique, underused and surprisingly effective you can try the Vladof Rifle, I just love playing around with it.

You can also play around with Dahl Sniper Rifles. The Terror is my absolute favourite one but others like the Sniper or Scout are also very good.

And finally, Tediore Launchers deserve some love. Like most Tediore weapons they’re meant to be reloaded to really deal some damage though, but they really deal a lot of damage.


I do like using some Vladof rifles while leveling up. And yes, I do also really like Tediore launchers although I haven’t used them much outside of a Krieg throwing build with an E Tech Tediore launcher. I haven’t used many Dahl Snipers aside from the Pitchfork or the Sloth but I’ll have to check them out too :grin:


A seriously under-rated gun, IMO.


Easily in the top 5 best Sniper Rifles in the game.