What are some good cryo weapons for Zane that work well with the new mod?

Gatling clairvoyance works well. Ice Spiker I’ve found to be pretty disappointing, plus charge shots don’t help as much as full or even semi auto on Zane, I’ve found.

What else could help, maybe something with crit bonuses or multiple chances to proc?

Reflux and brainstormer should be good with being able to get bonus crit on body shots

That’d definitely be good for mobbing, so that’s one thing.

Lucian’s Call is great for freezing enemies, mobbing, and infinite ammo, but the damage is still a bit on the low side. If you can get a Cryo one with a good anoint, maybe.

Not much is going to be better than the usual Reflux or Brainstormer though.

Convergence and rebound

Basically any weapon that has no chance to crit or at least all projectiles have the same damage.
If you take a backburner for example, you want the arcing projectiles to crit, not the main shot, so it’s not fitting the COM.
Lightshow, Flipper, ion cannon etc. work pretty well.
If you want to actually freeze with the com and brainfreeze you need a gigantic amount of projectiles, so monarch, reflux, lightshow…

i’m having a lot of fun with the star helix, great damage and general feeling of the weapon, it should help due to the tree bullets for shot. I think it comes also in cryo element and with sentinel cryo bonus. Also try monarch or dictator.