What are some good locations for Eridium farming?

Given this weeks event, and also for future reference[spoiler]

What are some good locations for Eridium farming?

I would like to point out that Cistern of Slaughter and Slaughterstar 3000 have issues of mobs moving off map, or being trapped inside walls, or simply not spawning that can create situations where you can not complete them (leading to being locked out of the mobs that would drop the greatest numbers of Eridium) - my own personal first-hand experience and there are posts concerning other players similar experiences - so, outside of those areas, any suggestions?


Voracious Canopy - in cave with Dead CL4P-TP and Eridian Writing. There are several piles of eridium to break. Hit the save at top, it’s easiest spot to farm.
Carnivora - room with Red Chest, even more piles, but it takes more time to drive there from save.


I second the voracious canopy. I farmed it the other day and was getting about 100 every 3 minutes. Keep in mind, that was likely due to the eridium event. On average, I was getting 5 or 6 piles per run. The max was 8 and the lowest was 3.

You can also try the vault when you first get access to it. Just keep reloading. You can even open chests but I’m pretty sure this method is slower.

Why not farm gravemind so you get legendaries too? I can clear him in about 62 seconds including loading and looting. Once you start farming you’ll never need eridium again. I’m sitting on 15k after buying everything I possibly could