What are some good shields for Aurelia besides Tediore?

I know that she has the best synergy with Tediore (PP, WV, BR) but I wolud imagine that there are other viable alternatives. She does have Protect Your Assets (coop only) for capacity along with the Blue Blood com, and Short Summer to decrease recharge delay along with the Creme de la Creme. So shouldn’t there be some higher capacity, slower recharge shields that she can abuse?

I’d imagine that the Reo, Bulwark, and turtle shields would play into her skillset. What say ye?

You can always use different shields, I have played around with different effects but the Tediore is the best I have seen in my studies mainly because of rapid regen mixed with Bitter Riposte and Winters Veil don’t care for Prudent Prudence that much. Combining A Tediore Shield, Bitter Riposte, and Winters Veil with a good Mistress mod makes for a real formidable character.

The Reogenator can be good if you use a com that boosts recharge rate, so that it recharges as fast and as instantaneously as a Tediore shield. The Sham comes to mind, and that’s about it. Maybe a turtle shield for boss fights.

Wouldn’t her recharge delay skills do more for shields with longer delays than shorter delays? It just seems like a lot of her defensive potential (besides the infi-cryo method of BR and WV) is wasted by using shields that benefit the least from her shield skills. It may not be as much of an issue while mobbing, but I think it would be awesome to estabish some alternate gear for people such as myslef who hate changing out gear for boss fights :smile:.

Sniper with recharge delay skills = amp shields

You don’t really have to change out the gear for boss fights with the quick charge BR WV method, it still works pretty well on bosses as well.

Not if BR and WV are only specced as 1 point wonder skills for mobbing crowd control. But I have to agree, against most bosses, shields are of no concern, cause you can kill them within seconds anyways. The raid boss is a whole different story though.

Yeah I guess so, never have put just 1 point in them so wouldn’t know for sure, with them maxed out they are great. I would also have to agree with the raid boss it is the only one I had trouble soloing as the Baroness with my setup.

I used a quick charge shield (and 3dd1.e oz kit) all the way through most of UVHM, then went Adaptive with 50% damage reduction (best I could find yet) and fairly quick delay (2:40 … I think).

I also got a Juggernaut oz kit with +69 recharge rate. That gets the recharge back to being very close to the quick shield. Plus gives me added incendiary and corrosive resistance. I was sad to say goodbye to the laser damage bonus of the 3dd1.e, but staying alive was getting to be a problem … and being dead really cut down on the laser damage.

That helped with the Sentinel and has really helped with the holodome.

Quick idea:

A turtle shield with all hyperion parts, and a COM that boosts shield recharge dealy or shield recharge rate, or both. Recharges almost as fast as a Tediore shield while offering better protection. It will require heavy investment in the Cold Money tree to compensate for the loss of DPS though.

234% recharge rate boost!!! Wow!

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If only I could find me one of those…

I love the avalanche shield or haymaker/adaptive shields. im only in the cryo and contract trees. i only use her in co-op games for contracts. the cryo tree really makes adaptive shields awesome with the ice fragments and the nova and spike(i think)

I’ve been tempted to try the avalanche with her now on the build I’ve been running lately. How is it?

I don’t get your thinking – how would a fast recharging Turtle shield diminish DPS?

Maybe the loss of DPS from constant Winter’s Veil and Prudent Prudence procs?

Thanks – that helps! I haven’t paid a lot of attention to skills that proc on shield-depletion. I look at them sort of like emergency preparedness but don’t build to proc them on purpose. Seems like walking a tightrope (though I’ve never done that, either!)

I’d lose dps because I have to use defensive class mods as shown in the Screenshots to make the turtle shield work as well as a tediore shield.
Thus, I lose out on using to the celestial baroness or the chronicler or the ice queen or the lady com, which all give substantial boosts to dps.

@Ha_Na – OK, now I understand what you’re saying. I’ve hesitated on Turtle shields mainly because they say – ‘reduces movement speed’. But the purple one you show doesn’t have that text? Is this a Turtle that doesn’t penalize movement or do you think it’s there, just unwritten?

I tend to run the same shield choices on all my characters equally:
– prismatic bulwark for mobbing (since I usually carry at least one laser, often two)
– adaptive or Reogenator for boss types (Sentinel, Iwajira, etc.)
– I’ve found a few immunity shields (i.e., immune to shock or fire or corrosive) that work well, circumstantially (I’d love a corrosive immune Tediore quick shield but haven’t found one – only found a fire immune one)

Purple turtle shields don’t reduce movement speed. More importantly, all hyperion parts reduce the recharge delay to 1.79s. Now with a creme de la Creme com, it becomes nearly as fast as a tediore shield at triple the capacity.

On my 12 characters, 2 use the bulwark. Guess I’m just not a fan of building each character the same way.