What are some good splash weapons for a blast master build?

I’m having a bunch of success with the Westergun / Ogre but i’m wondering if there are other guns (don’t have to be legendary) that have:

  • Splash
  • High magazine

The only other gun I can think of is the Devoted/Crit but I don’t see why I would use that over a Westergun. Are there other guns out there that synergize well with a Blast Master build ?

Devoted isn’t splash damage. But it’s not a bad gun. For a BM/SoR build the 150+ mag never goes low and fires at 17/s.

Oh okay, do you know if the Crit counts as splash ?

I don’t think so. Just shoot the ground. If you do self damage, there is splash. Easy test.

assuming that you are running BM with blast master, trevonator is another weapon that does good dmg

you can also try Faisor, the shotgun mode does splash dmg, same with non-legendary Vladof ARs with grenade launcher underbarrel. The ammo count may look low but if you run BM/DW you can keep firing for a long time, and even if you run out of these underbarrel ammo you won’t reload so there is no danger of losing the +100% splash dmg buff.

then there are those Maliwan SRs that says charging will increase dmg, splash and projectile speed, and Torgue and Vladof ARs with alien barrel


Thanks for this, I had no clue the faisor shotgun mode does splash

I prefer using the Ogre, Westergun has been fun to play with too

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Opposite for me. I really enjoy the westergun and it’s easy to grind. I got a x2 prefix with a mag of 48. Its perfect for blast master moze

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I think, the Hellfire SMG might be worth a try as well. The magazine size of this weapon can vary quite a bit, so far, I got versions with 18 - 37 bullet capacity.

I will share with you my insight into some weapons, coming from farming M3 Shaft even when they have +40% damage AND +20% fire rate etc.

Ghost Call grenade. It is absolutely godly and is one of the keys to easy M3 Shaft farm. You have to aim it

Freeman. Targeted farming from the Warden in the Anvil. Having played her so much, it is able to still be one of my top choices. You will have a good time in M3, especially if your other gear comes together

Obviously Ogre, but probably a random drop, and more for regenerating Ghost Call grenade and cooling down Iron Bear for Some for the Road heavy spam, than for its own damage. If you are able to find Anointed +Splash damage for 18 seconds gear, Ogre becomes optional, you can risk reloading from time to time and use a fun AR of your choice if desired

Jericho, probably obvious, think is also random. But it gets obnoxious with the Some for the Road spam

Hive if you have the patience for rares, if you didn’t pick it up the week when they always spawned and dropped. Princess Tarantella in Splinterlands on Pandora

The most important by far are an 18 second +Splash damage Anointed weapon and Ghost Call. It seems the buff remains through weapon switch. But such an Anointed weapon may be difficult to come by, so aim for Ghost Call + Freeman - guaranteed to be a big boost and should be relatively easy to farm

Use a Stop Gap shield and full health

I might have to spell it out and say use Auto Bear with splash weapons. If you really have trouble regenerating grenades, then use Ruby’s Wrath instead of Freeman, or as another one of your weapons. Of course, this is moot if you have an Ogre to use for sustain and regen.

I searched high and low for weapons specifically for the most synergy with the Blast Master COM, so I kept an eye out for any that are listed as doing splash damage. One gun that might work and I’m going to test it myself to be sure, is the Host - the Hyperion shotgun with an alien barrel. I’m aware of the Protuberance which is Torgue’s alien shotgun, but the Host’s ammo consumption per shot is half of that and doesn’t seem to have the RNG constraint of whether its type of alien barrel deals massive damage or is a massive flop.

I also tested two non-unique Maliwan pistols. The Blaster is cool, it is basically the pistol version of the Nebula SMG (which is the non-unique version of the Westergun) but the SMG has better fire rate and magazine size by far. And the Melter is the Proton Rifle in pistol form - not as high in terms of damage as its sniper cousin, but the Melter is the better choice of the two if you’re looking to freeze enemies.

Also, the Hellfire and Hornet are legendary Dahl weapons that both technically inflict splash damage but I’ve not tested them enough myself. But in terms of what you asked for specifically, the two easiest guns to obtain (because they’re sidequest rewards) are the Amber Management and the Sellout.

Binary Westergun with 48 mag size is imho the best variant possible for Moze. I have one myself in shock + cryo with an anointed bonus of 40% incendiary damage in the two mags after hopping out of Iron Bear, and it has served me extremely well ever since I laid my hands on it!

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Other splash damage weapons:

– Host (Hyperion), Protuberance (Torgue), and Elderblast (Tediore) alien barrel shotguns

– Burzum (Vladof) and Blister (Torgue) alien barrel ARs

– Gruppa (Vladof) HW with mini-rockets or mortars; the secondary fire has a clip of 36, so you can mitigate the slow reload by stacking MoD, Redistribution, Forge, and the terror ammo regen effect.

You can even get constant up time on the Lump (Torgue alien barrel RL) if you buff the mag size with Matched Set and Iron Bank.

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Ive been using the Ogre, a regular fire Sploder, that one Atlas rocket launcher that’s homing, and a Westergun. Most of my buffs are in AR damage. It’s been pretty fun to cycle through the weapons.

@roboteconomist where did you get the Burzum? I hear a lot about it. Can you farm it at Crazy Earl’s?

You could probably find it there I think. Or from gungun I know I’ve seen that drop it. My collection of Burzums that I’ve been working on dropped mostly in Anvil from badasses.

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That’s one option. Another alternative is to use Cloud of Lead; use a high-fire rate weapon to cycle through shots until you know the next one you’d fire is a CoL round, then switch to a heavy weapon. It’s a free rocket blast and it can build up splash damage from the Blast Master COM without reloading. Especially with a launcher like the Lump which uses up 5-6 rockets per single blast, it’s actually faster to fire, switch to another weapon and fire 3 rounds and then switch back, than it is to fire the Lump and conventionally wait for it to reload.

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With all that weapon swapping I’m surprised you don’t have Scrappy.

Jakobs Headsplosion is fun. You’ll probably need a +40% mag size relic and land the odd crit to prevent reloading, but it’s easy to do. I also enjoy Hyperion alien barrel shotguns (try a rad/redsuit or shock/transformer combo).

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What do the Hyperion alien barrels do? I don’t think I’ve seen one.

The bullets from Hyperion alien barrels reflect/bounce, though only the Host does splash damage.

I didn’t even know this gun existed… I’ll definitely try to get my hands on one and try it out with the moze splash build